Monday, June 07, 2010

Button Monday (better late than never)

Well, it's early evening and I'm finally able to access Blogger.  It was unavailable for me all day which bummed me out because I have some new buttons to show you and I've had to wait all day!  Be forewarned, there are a lot of pictures...

I stopped at the local antique store this Saturday and grabbed this little $5. jar of buttons.  I had seen one little beauty peering out at me that convinced me to spend the 5 bucks, but I didn't look at it more than that.  I kind of like to wait until I get home to really dig through them.  Truly, the digging is my favorite part.  Let's discover it together, shall we?

What's inside?

This is the little beauty that lured me in.  Isn't she lovely?  I have a fondness for these little Victorian-era "picture buttons".

These little rhinestone guys will make cute eyes on a bird ornament.

Some cool carved sets.  These are plastic.

This tiny guy looks like a sea urchin.

The shape of these metal buttons is kind of unusual.

Art Deco-esque plants?

These remind me of sour cherry candies.

I loooove this one.  The silver has just the right amount of patina.

Another cool floral motif.

Lovely aged pressed leather.

This little iridescent sweetie is glass.  Beauty.

This one has me intrigued, as most uniform buttons do.  I can't find information leading to D.R. Thomas, but all signs point to Port Madoc being in Wales.  I'll keep looking and see if I can find anything.

There were a bunch of shell and mother of pearls in all different colors and shapes.  Beauty.

I read an article in The Storque today about the history of mother of pearl buttons in Muscatine Iowa, (a topic I touched on in a previous Button Monday post), it's a good read if you'd like to check it out here.

Thanks for coming along on my button dig.  What treasure have you found lately?


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

I NEED to visit Minnesota
1) for you (obviously !)
2) for your collections of buttons

dear god, woman, you have more buttons than my whole town ! :D
I heaaaaart mother-of-pearls buttons (and had read the Etsy article before coming here), but you have found some awesome treasures in that U$05.00 jar !! So happy for you !

the only treasures I've been digging recently are either fossils, or the broken pieces of mussels (blue) which helped me realize that even broken pieces are beautiful, or at least, that you can make something beautiful with them.

Unknown said...

Such a lucky find! Love all of them. Thanks for sharing the "discovery".

Margie Oomen said...

oh no sonia just reminded me to add you and your family to my list of reasons to visit. Sorry for loosing my head for a moment or two after seeing that luna moth.
I found the most amazing trunk at a church garage sale on saturday. I won't show it yet because it will be used as a box to place my eldest daughter's birthday gifts in this weekend.
it cost me a whole looney ( the canadian dollar coin with the picture of a loon on it) and the handsome young man carried to my car for me.


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