Saturday, June 26, 2010

Checking In On The Acorn Rainbow June 25 2010

It has been a while since I had last checked in on the acorn rainbow experiment so I mustered up my courage, took a deep breath, and dove into mosquitoville to see what I could see.

The foliage surrounding the stump has grown considerably, and given the neverending rain we've had lately, has become prime real estate for the Minnesota state bird.  The mosquito.  None of these photos are very good because I was trying to keep them out of my ears, eyes, and nose while shooting.  I came up for breath, swearing in three languages. 

The three acorns are still here by the stump but I couldn't locate the purple one that had migrated out to the yard.  The layer of moss on the stump is thick and lush and when I pushed against it, it felt like a cushion.  Oh how I'd love to sleep there.  (except for the profanity-inducing herd of mosquitoes)




The stump also hosted some lovely and tiny mushrooms.

I'm still amazed that the color has stayed pretty true and the caps are still on.  I'll let these guys sit until Fall and check them again.  

Happy Saturday! 


Kar said...

That is so cool! I love seeing that they are still there, waiting for you to come take a peek at them. :) And the mushrooms are so pretty.

I think I would have been saying a few choice words myself with those mosquitoes. That is the one thing I don't miss about MN. :)

Kim van Waardenburg said...

I love this prohect of yours!!
You must have been using strong glue!!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

hello my friend !
thank you so much for keeping us posted about your installation ... I love Nature, I really do, but mosquitoes are NOT my friend. (read : they love me too much)

snowflakes4sam said...

Thanks so much for your update on the Acorn Rainbow installation! It's so nice to see how nature plays.

Krystal said...

Ah, the rainbow acorns!!! I do so appreciate the update seeing as how you had to fight off mosquito hoards!!! Thank you!


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