Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Down

The back-to-school sniffles have found their way beneath the poplar and pine and the entire clan is feeling less than stellar.  Since the kiddies and I were all taking it easy anyway, it was a good excuse for me to let the laundry and housework sit, and do some crafting.  After coating myself in a fine layer of antibacterial hand lotion (which I sort of liked), I pulled out the toadstool project I had been working on.

This is where I had left it last.

And this is where it is now.

I wanted to fatten up the stem a bit and finish up the base.  I added some details such as a fall leaf on a twig, some more moss, pebbles, and sporophytes, making it feel more "real" to me.  All of it is needle-felted wool, no glue or structural sewing.  (the sporophytes are cotton thread, but they're decorative)

This is part of a commission and is flying off somewhere special in his apothecary jar, like a proper specimen.  I have a few more to finish up but at least I have one down.  I guess if this cold persists I may have some time to get them done.

The real amanitas have been popping up in our woods like crazy this week.  Alas, no red ones, but plenty of yellows.  Here's a peek, but expect to see (yet) another mushroom post sometime soon.

I hope you're all having a swell week and are feeling happy and healthy. 
Or at least have coated yourselves in a fine layer of antibacterial hand lotion.


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

I think you must have shared some of your germs with me as today the nose has started running like a faucet, oh boy ! :P I hope the whole clan will soon be on the mend.

oh dear, that amanita is a marvel. The white spots on top are soooo realistic, as well as the gills. And don't get me started about the moss & sporophytes, you know how much I adore them !

sending you & yours my warmest hugs

lynn bowes said...

I still can't believe you get such wonderful colorful mushrooms there in the North Country. Here it's those old beigy whitish things unless I just don't know where to look.

This specimen jar is so lovely, Lisa. Beautiful detail and color. Sorry the kidlets are wimpy but it seems to have given you time to lather up and get to work.

xo :: lynn

Regina Moore said...

Youngest has had allergies for two weeks now! I feel so bad for him...blowing his nose constantly!

Love the latest project. The needle felted small details are gorgeous! And, I love the glass container...perfect for this piece!

Unknown said...

School & sickness always go together...

What Lovely Lovely details. Wow!
You are an inspiration!

Kar said...

Fine job on the mushroom Lisa. I'm amazed at the gills! Wow! Another great creation from you. :)

eidolons said...

We're all getting over a flu bug. Yuck. I do lovelovelovelovelove the mushrooms you make. Seeing them brightens my day. (:

Brizel Handcrafts said...

INCREDiBLY gorgeous... way to go... and the photography is just incredible.

I wish I could figure out the perfect setting for my little silk boxes... one day it will come. THANKS for the inspiration :)

k said...

Wow! I love the underneath detail!!!

Tumus said...

well done indeed! I would still love to see specimens of your moths up North done in felt ^_~ They would make such amazing wall art.

I don't about giving children echinacea but when I was doing alot of theater during college I'd take it mid-rehearsal schedule and again 2 weeks before finals to help ward off the worst of the colds and flu. I haven't had a flu shot or the flu since High School and I swear it's because of that awesome little plant.

julochka said...

it is seriously special and gorgeous. and if it's what you're capable of when you're sick...just. wow. i would hope you feel better soon, but if this is what comes out, then maybe not.


NanaBeast said...

This piece just makes me so happy. You got is just right, I'd say. HOW do you attach the gills? They are amazing!

I ALMOST wish I had a cold right now (not really though.) My elderly cat didn't make it to the litter box and I can't find the source of the urine smell. The smell is so strong it is lingering in my nose no matter where I go. It is awful. But being sick would be worse. I pray you are all healthy soon!

joanie said...

Oh the beauty! I have been seeing mushrooms just like yours for the last few weeks. Here they're called Fly Agarics, apparently were used to make poison for killing flies at one time.
They're such cheerful looking fungi, I almost see smiling little fairies sitting on top painting the spots on them.

Hope all your snifflers get better soon. Jx

FranticMommy said...

Yup, we have the back-to-school sniffles too. I love, love, LUV the red toadstool!

jet said...

ooooooh what a wonderful , pretty , adorable cute tiny mushroom you have made, alll the tiny details, it's amazing, soooo lovely and well done, i work a lot with wool fibres as well so i know how difficult it is to make such a beauty fairy tail one;-D
thank you for sharing this.;-D

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Love it! And it looks great in the jar. When I first saw the pic I thought it was real!

Charlieh said...

That is beautiful!


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