Thursday, September 09, 2010

What's the Story Morning Glory?

A quick trip to the woods early yesterday morning led me past my birdfeeder which is now covered in Morning Glories.  I planted them from seed this summer and they've already covered my 6 foot tall feeder. 

I was snapping photos of the dew on the leaves, the vines, and the pretty blue flowers when I looked down to see this guy.

It was chilly, only about 40 degrees, and I wondered at first if he was dead.  I moved the leaf and he clung there so I think he was proably just too cold to move.  His wings and body are highlighted with tiny dew drops and I felt shivery just looking at him.  I felt like I wanted to go make him a scarf, the poor guy.

When the sun came up and the dew was gone, so was he. 

I hope he's enjoying this autumn weather as much as I am.  Meanwhile, I'll see to that tiny scarf.


Wear Your Wild said...

Morning glories always look their best this time of year. I was just looking at mine this morning and thinking of grabbing the camera.

Marilyn said...

I planted some, and the squirrels un-planted some.....the rest didn't make it!! That little guy will need his scarf if it's already in the 40's...WOW, that was quick!!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

aw poor little one, it's already so chilly in your neck of the woods ! The chillier this morning was 15.5°C/60°F ! Now it's 25.5°C/78°F & very windy.
I used to grow morning glories when we had a garden once. I so regret my small garden. Not even a balcony now to have something :(
I loved your morning tale. I very easily picture Mr Dragonfly with a teeny tiny scarf. :) Put a smile on my face !
xoxoxo many hugs

Good Girls Studio said...

Lovely pictures. Isn't it wonderful to see what you planted come to fruition :)

Kar said...

That little guy is too cute! He would look great with a teensy weensy scarf.

Sue said...

I love Morning Glory's!
I have an old type that self seeds in a dark blue purple with pink centre.
Let me know if you would like to see pictures and some seeds. :0)

We take them everywhere we move to and when we leave there are always Morning Glory's left behind. I always hope the people that live there after us enjoy them as much as we do.

Great pictures!

Kitty Wilkin said...

I love this! Such a simple morning filled with simple pleasures and an appreciation for the world around you. Thank you for sharing!

Ps. I love the thought of making a scarf for that little dude!

Brizel Handcrafts said...

How about a morning glory blue scarf ?
I imagine it would be quick to make :)


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