Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Today I'll take a small pink bear, a flappin' bat, a lumberjack, and a dinosaur out to beg candy from the neighbors. 
I'll sneak candy from their bags for "inspection purposes". 
We'll probably all have tummy aches. 
The dog will cringe when I find that lobster hat, and shoot eye daggers at me when I put it on her, again.  We'll roast those pumpkin seeds and snack on them the whole week.
In short, we'll have fun.
Hope you do too.

Happy Halloween!


Unknown said...

Happy Halloween to you and your kids, Lisa - candy corn is my favorite, and I love this day! -sus

Mousy Brown said...

That sounds fun! Have a happy Halloween (and enjoy that tummy ache too!) :D

rachael {imagine gnats} said...

sounds perfect! happy halloween :)

k said...

so you're saying we're probably laughing at your dog, rather than with her? sounds like a fun evening of tricks and treats with your crew - also, candy inspection if a VERY important job. reminds me i will need to go visit my niece & nephew soon... happy halloween!

Margie Oomen said...

have fun

Tumus said...

Post pictures of the lobster hat, I must see this. I posted up pictures of Chris and I in our costumes over on my blog too.


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