Tuesday, November 01, 2011

on the workbench

Work has finally begun on my holiday gifts.
These beads are from the clay I dug this fall and once fired will be stringing beads for my daughter.  Okay, to be honest I might keep a few for me to play with too.  I have a few other clay pieces worked up and I hope to have my first firing in the fire pit before we get any significant snowfall.(wish me luck)

Sonia did a nice post the other day about some simple and handmade gifts to consider giving this year, if you're looking for some inspiration.  I firmly believe that gifts don't need to be expensive to be appreciated.  A simple, thoughtful gift is much more meaningful and I'll take 10 minutes of thought over $100 spent any day.  (but hey, if husband is reading, that Wustof knife combines both...)

I've also been working on some wool brooches and am just finishing up the wood bases.  Each wool scene has to have a base that I feel goes with the scene, so it isn't quite as easy as just popping them in whatever I have on hand.  They have to be the right color and shape so I've been out at the saw and sander tweaking away.  (sometimes I drive myself crazy, but this is how I am)

The brooches, along with a few new stones, will be in my shop sometime this week.  I'll post once I know when I'll be adding them.

I'm be back at the workbench today after I finish my coffee and shake off this Halloween candy hangover.  (ohh Charleston chews, I both love and hate you)  There is much to be done in the next few weeks; holiday gifts, book projects, en masse mitten-making... the list is endless.  I'd better get to it.

Have a good day everyone!


Karen Larko said...

Oh Lisa, I love those beads!!! I'd like to buy some.

Tumus said...

HAHA the mitten making is like a yearly tradition in your house now.

prpltrtl946 said...

Would you please post photos of the firing process? I am so excited about the whole thing!! 8*)

I live in New Hampshire where snow fell, power went out, generators went on and SNOW-plows, blowers and shovels came out way too early! I got 12 inches of snow in my backyard!
New Hampshire got buried, so the kids couldn't Trick or Treat!! They will be Trick or Treating next weekend, but who wants to have Halloween in NOVEMBER?!

Lisa, your brooches look beautiful! I believe it is because you ARE so exacting in your Art... 8*)

I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!! (pun intended) I also wondered if you have pictures of all of your stones online? I am seeing changes in them as you continue to make more... I would love to see the first stones compared to your latest stones. Just a thought! 8*)

Sorry to go on and on... 8*)

joanie said...

Those beads look so sweet. I love that that you made them yourself with clay dug yourself, and you'll fire them yourself in a fire pit you made yourself.
You, yourself are fantastic.
I love your brooches too. I've been enjoying wood projects a lot lately and wishing I had cool tools like you. My little hand saws and hand drill are a bit sad:(

Anonymous said...

I haven't had a charleston chew in ages (do you freeze yours?), but candy corn will be the death of me...or almond joy... sigh. = )

Laura said...

So exciting to be doing holiday crafts! I just found my idea sheet from last year and was quite inspired! Time to get serious about gift planning (because handmade can take a while).

On another note I was wearing the brooch I bought from you last week & got a very nice compliment on it from a local artist - she recognized the lovely handmade work you put into it. Thanks for making such lovely things!

Cynthia Nicole said...

Well, your hard work perfecting pieces certainly pays off. You continue to be in my top 3 favorite artists of all the blogs I follow.
Beautiful work.

Tara said...

My Halloween hangover wasn't too bad yesterday morning but this morning? The leftovers were just too within reach. At least I got the exercise of bending over.

Sonia's gift-giving post was inspiring. I am going to have to sit down with a cup of coffee and make my list.


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