Thursday, January 19, 2012

antlers + plants = plantlers?

With the day turning grey and a high of -4f forecasted for today (-30 to -40 with the windchill...what?), I decided to thumb my nose a bit at ma nature and bring a little green into my day.

My friend Karen, who is remarkably talented, sent me this awesome crocheted jute and antler pouch for Christmas.  Jute and antler?  You know how much I love this, right?

I had planned to (and might still) use this as a purse but I couldn't resist having it out where I can see it every day.

I snatched a few succulents from their pots and fashioned a liner out of plastic bags.  I filled the bottom of the bag with charcoal and styrofoam peanuts (those awful ones that don't degrade...lighter than pebbles), and then filled it up with potting soil.  In went the plants and just like that I had greenery hanging on my wall.

Isn't it lovely?
It really has brightened my day.

Now if we can just do something about warming it up.

Extra cocoa for everyone!  Stay warm out there.


Moooody Cow ♥ said...

What a fabulous idea!!

Becky said...

That IS lovely. Very inspiring!

Karen Larko said...

Hi Lisa. That looks wonderful! You've inspired me to crochet again. Thank you!!!

julochka said...

antlers are all the rage. i think its a murakami thing.

strangely, i envy you your actual winter temperatures. not that it EVER gets that cold here. but still, just a bit below zero for a few days would be nice. it's just wrong that i've seen the first tulip leaves poking up around the house. i need seasons.

Tumus said...

That's awesome! The coldest it's gotten here has been 11 and that was an overnight low. It feels very unseasonable here in OH right now and I really need it to get colder and snow because my tulips and daffodils are starting to come up. We've had more rain than anything this Winter :(

radmegan said...

My husband and I wish we lived in a place where you can walk around and find antlers! I LOVE your plantlers! SUCH a day-brightener for me too!

Thanks for being so inspiring! I adore your blog.


Sonia said...

the combination of the two is wonderful !
thanks for the cocoa, my friend :)

Anonymous said...

What a REMARKABLE use of materials!
I absolutely love the idea. Isn't it wonderful we have such talented people in our lives.

Glo said...

Wilma Flintstone would be proud to sport that lovely purse!

k said...

what a great idea - and a fabulous gift in the first place. we are in the midst of an arctic front, but nothing like what you have. stay warm Lisa!

Erin said...

That looks gorgeous!! x

Dame De Coeur said...

bonjour !!magnifique c'est vraiment ├ža que j'aime !!superbe sac !!!

Wear Your Wild said...

I love it! But then again, I love anything made with antlers.
Man, it is cold where you live. Stay warm toots.

LOL! My word verification is warms! :)

HollyM said...

I absolutely love the plantler! She must be an interesting friend.


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