Tuesday, January 17, 2012

leather mushrooms

This past weekend the boys and I worked on a little project I found over at Elizabeth Abernathy's blog, leather mushrooms.

As I was bringing out the leather scraps and glue, the boys were throwing out random guesses about what kind of project we were doing, and then the teenager asked "are we making our own mittens?" (with a big sigh) which I thought was an AWESOME idea, and he's now really sorry he said that, because it's now on the list of things to do.  (muahaha)  When I asked, "what does momma loooove to look for?" they all shouted in unison... "MUSHROOMS!"  They know me so well.

I get my leather scraps in the form of neglected leather coats found at the thrift store and put out several different pieces to choose from.  I gave the boys jar lids to use as templates for the mushroom caps, and except for the gluing (I used hot glue), they really did much of this project themselves.

1/2 birthday crowns are the appropriate headgear when crafting, don't you know.

It was fun to see the boys choose their colors and textures, and I loved that they weren't afraid to experiment with using the back side of the leather pieces, which ended up looking kind of scruffy and really cool. 

I'm leaving these out where we can all see them, and the kids can play with them.  Best part, they've already asked when we can make more.

What kind of fun projects have you been working on?


Studio Paars said...

What a cool project! A great idea, and th results look great too :)

Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

Those mushrooms look so cool! I just finished up a knitting project; I'll be posting it on my blog later this week.
x Katherine

Anonymous said...

oh boy (literally)
what an awesome project, and they did soooo well !!
(tell them auntie is so proud too ! LOL)
I wish I could find leather scraps over here, I was telling my mom about it yesterday (really !)
thanks for sharing the link to the tutorial too !

Brenda said...

The boys did great on their mushrooms! The leather has the right amount of stiffness for the project and makes them look rustic... I really like it. :) You have a nice supply of colored leather, too!

I am beginning to work on a combination of old bed springs and gourds. And you can tell the kids that I have a pile of recycled felted sweater mittens waiting to be sewn too, if they care to visit my home in the next couple of days! ;)

Krista said...

these are great!! something to do with fabric i have laying around..

joanie said...

Those look very fun and how impressive that you got the teenager to be involved.
I love the look of them. Wish I had more leather colours stashed away.

Amanda Pedro said...

oh no you didn't! Way too much!
Love love love

k said...

looks like an awesome project and i'm glad your kids enjoyed it. i especially love that one where the colour shifts as it moves down the stem.

Abigail said...

Those are such darling mushrooms! I'm totally adding worn out leather coats to my thrift store hunt list!

Elizabeth said...

They are lovely! Your boys did a beautiful job. I really like the idea of adding spots and turning the leather inside out. Thanks for linking to me.

Scrapiana said...

Fantastic idea! Love it.

Sonnentaucher Filzlinge said...

Darf ich mitmachen???....zauberhaft
cu Jana

Dame De Coeur said...

quelle belle récolte de champignons!j'adore l'idée c'est super de faire ça avec les enfants !!!
a bientôt

leFiligree said...

love how these turned out. i've been wanting to make leather tassels, and this would fit in nicely with that project.

Margie Oomen said...

suede mittens are on my list too

julochka said...

they are so awesome. all of them. and these are the things they will remember when they grow up.


lynda Howells said...

thanks for sharing this amazing project with us..beautiful.xxxxoff to find some leather!xx

Nanou said...

Woooow, boys, I'm so impressed, my eyes are popping out !!! So much skill in your little hands ! Alice might order you some of your magnificent specimen for her Wonderland :)
Wish all the talented family a great week-end !


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