Thursday, February 16, 2012

random thoughts on a Thursday

A few of you have asked for a tutorial on making felted stones, and I have one in the works.  I need an extra pair of hands to run the camera for me so I'll get to that this weekend when the family is home.

Right now the snow is falling softly and for a moment, it fell against a backdrop of blue sky.  I like those odd juxtapositons.

I've ordered some new seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and to say I'm eager for spring planting is a massive understatement.  I'm trying to make my landscaping as useful as possible, rather than being solely ornamental, and I'm stoked about these new arrivals and the mushroom spawn that's on the way.

The girl had a fever last week that turned out to be strep.  So far no one else has gotten it and I'm crossing every crossable body part that it stays that way.

I really enjoyed the 'biting your tail' post by Jenna at Cold Antler Farm and it's made me think a lot about how and when to ask for things.  And my inability to ask, even when I should.  And other people's proclivity for it, even when they shouldn't. 

Cabin fever has reared its ugly head here.  Naughtiness is at an all-time high, tempers are short, and whining is rampant.  Thank goodness we're having a few warmer days, it will give us a chance to get out in the woods and primal scream breathe.

I made egg noodles from scratch last night but not enough to feed everyone so I had to mix them with some store-bought noodles.  A blind taste test revealed that mine had a "richer" taste.  Take that Barilla.  (though the chickens should get the credit as I'm positive it's their bright orange eggs that made the difference)  Also, making egg noodles is sooo easy.

I need to finish photographing the cashmere pieces I made last week.  Only one of the two hats I made has survived, one being lost at school, (or the playground, or the bus) on the first day it was worn.  Of course.

I've been doing more stitching and hope to have a shop update next week.  I'll announce the date and time and give a sneak peek before I put the new work in my shop.

I need a refill on my coffee and wish we could have a group coffee date to chit chat.  Coffee is tastier with good conversation, don't you think?

Have a good day, everyone.


julochka said...

yes please on the coffee and chat...maybe we should skype? your morning fits perfectly with my afternoon. and i am so in need!!!

Unknown said...

Sometimes I'm tempted to include ties with everything I knit for children - or short of that, a stapler...

vrouw Hommel said...

I like the things you make!!!

prpltrtl946 said...

Lisa, your Spring Stones are AMAZING!!! 8*)

marie said...

I am looking forward to the rock tutorial - thanks for taking the time to do that for us!

Hope she feels better soon and that the rest of you stay healthy! We're fighting strep here too. : (

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

hello my friend
I hope lil one is better now & that noone will catch anything.
egg noodles ? oh yum, I repeat, you are a domestic goddess. Yes.
and these stones ... each of them is a piece of art
I hope you get some little time for yourself

NanaBeast said...

I laughed at your need to refill your coffee cup. I just finished the half cup left in the coffee maker from yesterday and am reluctant to go make another pot. Coffee is BEST with good conversation. I would love to trudge through the snow to your house (with cranky-cabin-fever-company and strep sick child included) to drink coffee and chit chat with you!

Heather M. said...

Love the rocks. Very 'springy.' I'm looking forward to the tutorial.

It would be great to get together and chat and stitch, wouldn't it? But make mine a tea, please.

Valerie said...

Having a visit over here is a little bit like sitting down with a friend over coffee, though our chat seems over way too soon! I love the random thoughts, and will find out about biting your tail at Cold Antler Farm.
x, Val

Annie said...

That's the one thing that's missing isn't it ... the opportunity for a proper natter :D

Margie Oomen said...

coffee and chat would be amazing
how many can skype at one time???
big hug lisa
hope the streptococci don't invade your cabin

k said...

well maybe tea instead, but yes it would be great if we could all sit and chat face to face sometimes. glad you are getting a chance to get outside here and there - i hope to too this weekend, although right now the wind is howling and the rain is coming down in sheets as usual. more tea might be in order!

LaAlicia said...

your felted stones are lovely!


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