Monday, March 05, 2012

more dyeing with red cabbage

I have a date with dyeing this week.  First up is more dyeing with red cabbage.  It's a dyestuff I've used many times before, and I love the subtle blues and greys it gives, even if it isn't particularly lightfast.  The colors all together remind me of the blue jays that are at my feeder right now.

I made my daughter a mushroom toy a few years ago out of the pretty blues, that has since faded to bluish-grey.  It's still pretty though, and between you and me, I enjoy watching the color transition over time.

The real reason I'm revisiting the cabbage dye right now is because the last time I dyed, I got this amazing blue on silk.  Silly me didn't write down what combo of tricks I used (tho' I have an idea) so I want to see if I can recreate it.  I have a bad habit of not writing things down and that doesn't always mesh so well with this mind of mine, like a it is.


This week will be a busy one for me so I'm not sure how much you'll hear from me.  Hopefully I'll be back soon to tell you that I remembered my magic cabbage combo and have skads of pretty blue silk on hand.  Hopefully.

Have a good start to the week, everyone.


Margie Oomen said...

that is indeed a really gorgeous blue

Jacqui said...

Another crafty skill I shall have to have a go at! The blues look beautiful.

Anonymous said...


Kanelstrand said...

You are an alchemist, why don't you finally admit it? You amaze me with your dyeing, respect!


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