Tuesday, March 20, 2012

re-growing green onion

I learned something.  I learned that you can regrow onion tops on your green onions!  I don't know how I didn't know this before, but I didn't.

I bought a bunch of green onions/scallions for making kimchi . Instead of cutting up the entire onion, I left a little bit of the green on them, and placed the bulbs in a tiny jar with some water.  The very next day there was already growth.

See the growth on the onions above?  They grew about 1/4" overnight.

3 days later and they were so big I felt guilty for keeping them in a jar with water, so I planted them in a small pot.  As of this morning the stalks are a good 6" taller than when I cut them.  The kids check the status daily of the green things growing in the windowsill, and the fast-growing onions have been a lot of fun for them.

These will tide me over while I'm waiting for my chives to come up.

You learn somethin' new every day.

What did you learn today?


julochka said...

i learned to make a copy of your blogger template before you begin to mess around with it....

now tell me more about this kimchi.

Mona said...

The day is still young and I'm still loking forward to learning something new:) I suppose you already know you can do this with carrot tops - as well as other 'root'vegetables too. We also like to grow garlic bulbs the same way - the green sprouts are delicious, and somewhat milder in taste. The kids love it sprinkled on top of a pasta dish.

Stephane in Alaska said...

No.WAY! So simple. Such common sense! (And therein lies the secret of why it eluded me until your revelation!!!) Thank you so much for sharing this. : )

Jacqui said...

This is a good tip. My daughter needed an onion at the weekend to make soup and I didn't have any left. I found some cooking onions I had missed digging up from the garden in the Autumn. Although the bulb was soft and unusable there was lots of lovely new green growth on top which we used instead.

Laura said...

That is so cool! Thanks for sharing your learning with us.

Anonymous said...

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE you for trying my kimchi recipe, no matter how it turns out? And yeah, scallions will grow back like this. My mom does this all the time. And organic celery also..:)

Glo said...

Better life thru science, indeed. I had a kids' horticulture book when I was little, and I remember growing carrots from the tops. We even carved the inner core of the carrot, kept the little well full with water, and pierced a toothpick across it so that we could hang it by a window. We had some massive greens, but alas, no carrot using this air method. I blame this book for steering me into the plant science direction.

As for garlic, I save the cloves that are too tiny and a pain in the ass to peel, and stick them in a pot. That way I have garlic chives at hand all the time.

Rebecca Kay said...

Hi Lisa! Found your blog via Pinterest. You have so many fun things on your site...I will be visiting again really soon!! I'm from Wadena, now living in Minneapolis and just love crafting! Thanks for all the info!

no spring chicken said...

Today I learned that if you put scallion bottoms in water they'll regrow their tops!! I had no idea... thank you smart lady!

Blessings, Debbie

Tara said...

It seems I learn something new each time I visit you here.

Scrapiana said...


Annie Cholewa said...

Hey I do this too :D And much the same with carrot tops, which are lovely chopped into a salad if you don't mind a bitter tasting leaf, and work pretty well in the dye pot too.

Margie Oomen said...

i bet if you dug up a little patch of chives and placed it in a pot in a warm sunny window you would have fresh chives in no time,

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

julie - after successfully making sauerkraut, I felt bold enough to tackle kimchi. Check out Karen's easy recipe: http://www.ecokaren.com/2010/08/kimchi-recipe-demystified/ This fermentation crock of ours is getting a workout.

Mona - ooooh the garlic! Such a good idea.

Stephane - I know, right? So simple, whodathunkit?

Karen - we've been eating it right out of the crock! Like, daily. So good.

Glo - you are amazing, you know that?

Rebecca - well, hello to a fellow Minnesotan! So nice to meet you. Hope you stop back. :)

Spring chicken - :D

Tara - you're too sweet.

Annie - I've used them for dye, but haven't fully embraced carrot tops in my salad. I'll have to give it another shot.

M - the chives are popping up now. I might have to grab a few to grow inside, the winters are too long without green.

Thanks everybody for stopping by!

Jill said...

Well it's the root part of the green onion that I cut up first...do you really cut the top of first for your recipe? Have I been doing this backwards? I love the idea of sticking them in a pot and growing more! My little gals will have fun with this too.

leFiligree said...

you can re-grow lemongrass this same way!


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