Monday, April 02, 2012

it's officially love

It must be, we've dug them a pond.

Our new feathered friends were given a new pen this weekend, complete with swimming facilities.

We enlarged their run, hanging hawk netting over the top to help keep them safe from unwanted flying visitors.

Husband dug a pond and layed a liner down.  While functional, it isn't exactly pretty, but I'm working on it.

I surrounded their coop with cement blocks to help keep digging visitors out.  The blocks are filled with dirt and will be planted with lettuce soon, for the ducks nibbling pleasure.

I've only gotten one small corner of the pond landscaped with rocks, but it's a start.  I planted some snakegrass at the water's edge for a little pond-like atmosphere.  Over the next few weeks I'll finish the rocks, and I also plan to bring in a log and some more water plants.  I don't think the ducks care one lick, but it makes me happy to have a pretty pond for them to swim in.

When we filled up the pond and let the ducks go, they headed right to it, cautiously stepping in, then erupting in happy quacks.  They dove, and splashed, and frolicked.  Seriously, these guys were frolicking!  It's the first time they've ever swum and they took to it like... well, you know the saying.  We all laughed at their antics and I got a little welled up at how happy they were.  We laughed even harder when we let some minnows go in the pond.  Henry, Loretta, and Barbara were butt-up trying to catch them.  Carl supervised.

They seem to spend at least half of their day in the water.  Remember that the Pekins were this dingy white on Friday?

Just check out Henry now.  Sparkling white.

I hope they're as happy here as we are to have them.


Marilyn said...

they sure look happy to be there...and you'll make it even prettier and wonder how you lived so long without them... I predict ducks showing up in some of your little "windows on the world"... :)

Amy said...

You are seriously killing me with all of this duck awesomeness! Love how you are making their habitat so nice. Quack!

Gordana.M said...

Love, love, love! And not least of all, that husband of yours that dug all that pond! Now I see that behind your endless energy and enthusiasm for life, there is a big force of support :) How deep is the pond? That must have been a lot of work!!! I can't wait to see what goes on here in future, when this little eco system starts living on its own... Lettuce for nibbling pleasure <3 ;)

Amanda said...

What a lovely little habitat for those ducks! They're adorable! I want some myself now... :)

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Gosh, I almost wish I was one of them ! You've been working hard for making them at home, it looks great already & will look wonderful once grass & plants will have grown & spread. The idea of the cement block is doubly genius, girl !!!!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Oh goodness, ducky heaven!

Scrapiana said...

Aww, they must feel right at home now! And so very, very white!

HollyM said...

How absolutely wonderful! Makes me wish I lived in the country.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Marilyn - I'm really into the landscaping bit. I wonder if I could hire myself out as a "duckscaper"?

Amy - I thought of you when they were frolicking. You would have loved it.

Gordana - the pond was all hubby's doing. I came outside and he had hung the hawk netting and had tractored out a big hole and finished it by hand. It's about 2 and a half feet deep, and tapered on the sides. Just enough for a decent paddle for the puddlers.

Amanda - they are very sweet. We've all really taken to them.

Sonia - I'm eager to see how the lettuce planters work out. I have high hopes.

Annie - :D

Eirlys - I hope so! Isn't he fancy? My youngest says "they're getting pretty" when they stand and preen themselves after a dip. Makes me laugh.

Holly - Thank you!

Caitlin said...

Aw, that makes me so happy :) Ducks are excellent frolickers. A friend of mine used to bring her pet duck on outings sometimes. In the summer we filled up a kiddie pool for her at a backyard party and in the winter we filled up a claw foot tub for her. First time I saw a duck frolick! :)

Sandies' Patch said...

'Ey up me duck!

It makes my heart sing to see such happy birds!
Can you resist laughing though, when they do their quacking noises? I can't!
Do you think you should get a 'partner' for ?Carl the running duck??

Sandie xx

leFiligree said...

they just LOOK happy!

Fiona said...

How could they not be happy?


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