Monday, April 16, 2012

monday muttering

As promised, Mother Nature gave us some snow to wake up to this morning.  Though it is cold and miserable out (and windy!), and a few of my plants didn't make it through the storm, I do think the snow is sort of pretty.

I find it prettier still, knowing that this isn't the start of winter but rather a last ditch hissy fit before spring starts.  (I'm hoping anyway)

I loaded up the birdfeeder this morning for those little guys out looking for food.  Normally, the chickens come running when they see me filling the birdfeeder; they love to nibble on the seeds that fall, but not this morning.  I suspect they're all still snuggled in the coop, muttering under their breath about this Minnesota weather. 

I muttered a little too, but I'm keeping in mind that this is temporary and far better than the weather many people experienced this weekend.

Here's hoping you all find some sunshine today.
Happy Monday.


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Is this late for snow for you? We're getting overnight frosts at the moment, quite late for those, but little rain, which is all wrong for April.

Love the birdy suncatchers in the last post :D

Tumus said...

We had our annual KiteFest over the weekend. It poured torrential buckets on Saturday and then Sunday the weather turned crazy windy. I'm kind of ready for something more "seasonally appropriate" as well.

Glad you're feeling better though!

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Annie - it's pretty common for us to get some snowfall in April, and even sometimes in May, but with the early spring we've had I thought for certain we'd be done with it. It's just a little disheartening that on Saturday we all got sunburns and were sweating out in the yard and this morning we're pulling out the boots and mittens again.

R - we had buckets of rain all day yesterday. Buckets. Feast or famine kind of weather. And thanks, it feels good to be feeling good. It's been a while. Hope you're feeling good too!

kristin said...

it's hard not to be discouraged... i can't help wonder what will become of the apple crop this year? i thought of you this morning on my drive to school seeing flurries hit my windshield...i just knew it would be much more than that there.

Jacqui said...

My heart sunk when I heard we would have rain for the rest of the week (London, England) so I suppose I should be thankful we haven't got snow. We have a drought & a hosepipe ban so we need the rain but I really need to do so much work on my allotment and it's not much fun in the wet!

Jan said...

Lisa! I've only just discovered your blog and just LOVE reading it. I've subscribed so I can continue seeing what you're up to. I discovered it by looking for ideas for stitching barnacles and absolutely adore your felted stones! Is there a particular stitch or technique for creating the barnacles at all? Love, love, love all that you do and hope you can help me! What a pity I only discovered you now...would love to have been in the draw to win it! Keep up all your creative work!

Jill said...

That bird feeder is incredible. Have you posted about it before? Did you make it?

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

kristin - I too wonder about the crops. Last year was a tough year for apples too.

Jacqui - here's hoping the weather turns for you. Have fun in the allotment!

Jan - thank you so much! There is a name for that barnacle-like stitch I do, but I can never remember it. It's worked like a series of blanket stitches though, one row on top of the other. If I remember the name, I'll pop back and add another comment.

Jill - isn't it great? I got that from the talented Joe Papendick. He has a shop on Etsy as joepapendick. He does incredible stuff.


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