Thursday, August 02, 2012

my little guppy

When my family was up visiting last week we went to one of my favorite spots in our area, the Cuyuna mine pits.  Mining ceased here years ago and cold clear water has filled the mines, turning them into lakes, some reaching 450 feet deep.

While the guys were out fishing for trout in the deep lake, the girls hung out by the pier.  

My girl loves the water, and it was hot out, so I let her splash by the shore.  Splashing immediately turned to swimming underwater, something I didn't even know she could do!

I was amazed watching her dive to the bottom to retrieve rocks.  She swam and dove for a good hour, the little guppy.

She had quite a collection by the time she was done.

Then she threw them all back in the water and started over again.

Oh to be a kid.  The sheer joy of being a kid.  Sitting here writing this, I know that had I jumped in with her I could have had that same joy.  Instead I just dangled my feet while I sat on the pier.

 Next time though... next time I'll be right with her.  I won't miss that opportunity again.

When was the last time you let yourself give in to child-like joy?  Maybe today?


julochka said...

a day before yesterday. :-) oddly enough, it was also water-related - jumping off a pier.

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

... no later than yesterday evening when I blew bubbles at 9.30pm, giving the people in the street a little magic ;-) and this morning at the beach when I decorated the boys' sandcastle with what I've always called "sand poo" (drip).
LOVE seeing my little niece diving like that ! Well done, girl ! Please give her a big kiss from me, and keep a big one for you too ! oxox

lynn bowes said...

A dyed in the wool pearl diver. And a little piece of petrified wood - top row, fifth from the right. You knew I'd do it.

diegoagogo said...

Another little fish in the family! How wonderful that she has no fear.
I wonder where she gets her collecting habits from?? LOL
I love the sweeping hair shot. So sweet.
London, UK

Lisa said...

This summer I decided that I was not going to miss another day playing in the water with my children. I put that bathing suit on and oddly enough I didn't feel like I look in it. I play in the water like a kid. I put that darn bathing suit on at every chance I can get and oh the fun I am having with them!
I love that E is putting her face in the water, I smiled just like I do when I see my son doing the same thing. I will share those pictures with my kids.

HollyM said...

That is so amazing! What a pretty spot too!
Just like one of your commenters, I put my bathing suit on and swim whenever I can. I feel a lot younger in it than I look. One must play whenever one can.

joanie said...

Today when I splashed into the river with my pup but I had wellies on because it was pouring with rain out!
I'm so impressed with your guppy what a good swimmer and a stone collector too.

Brittany - the Home Ground said...

This is so sweet! I used to collect rocks like crazy whenever we went camping. Every trip down to the water meant more rocks came back up to the camp site. Just dive right in next time :)

Terriea Kwong said...

Sweet girl she loves water. Saw her playing water with wool. She's brave that already learnt swimming. Shame I'm not since scare of water. Admire your pretty nature. Your ducks, goose are the beautiful members in the house.

Julie Clay Illustration said...

Well that looks like a lot of fun, she has no fear your little one, which is great, I don't even like my head under water, but I can see that the splashing around there might get contagious, get in there too Lisa, going back to being a kid again has got to be great. I stared at the most wonderful Dark night sky on a recent trip away, it was awesome, made you feel small in the big universe! :)


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