Sunday, December 23, 2012

gingerbread trees

We did our annual gingerbread decorating yesterday.  Aka sugar-fest 2012.

Last year we did graham cracker houses so this year I thought we'd try ice cream cone trees.

It was good in theory.  I bought waffle cones though instead of sugar cones so the bottom wasn't level and they wouldn't sit on the table while we worked on them.  I flipped a waffle cone upside down and used frosting to glue a pretzel rod inside.  I hadn't considered was how heavy the cone would be once it had a layer of frosting on it, and how wobbly it would be.  I went on the search for something to hold the trees while we decorated and what I came up with was a piece of foam mat and a jar.  Not ideal, but it did the trick.  Next time...sugar cones NOT waffle cones. (tho' I do think the waffle cones look pretty with frosting)

The kids got to decorate their own, as they did last year.  They were allowed to eat their creation when it was finished which of course led to maximum candy application upon the trees.  Encrusted, they were.  And many candies were sampled in the process.

 The kitchen is still a sticky mess but they had a good time.  I think they're still running off their sugar highs.

Do you have an annual decorating ritual?


Ariadne said...

Couldn't you cut the waffle straight with a little pair of scissors?Great idea anyway!Merry Christmas!AriadnefromGreece!

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

We could have leveled off the bottom on these cones but it would have made them really small. The kids were not in favor of really small cones because that would mean smaller sugar loads. :) I tried, but they weren't havin' it. Merry Christmas to you, Ariadne.

Lisa W said...

I think they look perfect!
We go to a play in the big city with the kids. Pantomime so much fun. My husband went to the same production company(Ross Petty) when he was a child and now he watches through his children's eyes!


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