Monday, May 05, 2014

beautiful neglect

A wool and silk scarf I made, rolled up in a bundle on an oak limb.  Forgotten through the snow and the subsequent thaw.

Impressions left by plum leaves, and rose leaves, and eucalyptus sent to me by Heather.

Left so long that the wool has started to decay and pull away from the silk.

Gorgeous, all the same, to me.  India Flint, I am not, but each of these faint impressions gives me a little flutter of happiness.

A pile of stones was treated in  kind, left in the snow wrapped in leaves.  They too house vague images of autumn.

The combination is a quiet kind of beauty.  One that speaks to me strongly right now.  Mine to keep.


Starr White said...

Impressions, whispers, ghosts left behind by such ethereal things as flowers and leaves give me a sense of timelessness, eternity, something I can't quite articulate. A sense of holding onto something that cannot be held onto. Beautiful, yes.

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa-What a great find! The scarf is gorgeous! The rocks are lovely! So nice when mother nature wants to play along with us! Have a great week!;)

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Wonderfully expressed, Starr.

Thank you Kristy!

Anonymous said...

when I was about 7 I found a fossil while playing in the apartment courtyard. It was life changing;the past was all true. In my child's mind it was a gift from "Mother Nature" and I felt so loved that day.

Heather Eddy said...

I think that scarf is more beautiful for what it has become - kind of like we become after hardship, no? Beautiful beautiful beautiful...

Angela Sandberg said...

Oh, how lovely!


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