Tuesday, August 26, 2014

skipping stone

Someone recently asked me if I sketch out the designs on my stone first, or if I had a concept of what they would look like.
The short answer is no.
The longer answer is that my art is an organic thing. I value the process as much as the end result. So when I sit down with a stone, pick some colors, and start to stitch, I do it without an idea of where the stitches are leading me. 
Sometimes I find out pretty soon into a stone but some, like this one, take longer before I know where I'm going with it.

I began by capturing a small stone under stitches, a technique that signifies an embracing of something precious. Knots and beads started to surround the stone and then some thin green plants appeared. Next came small circles, then a line, then another. Soon I knew where I was going. I added more plants, the hint of movement, and ripples at the surface and what I had was a skipping stone.

A small stone skimming the surface of water, leaving bubbles in its wake, a view of the watery landscape beneath it.
It will settle at the bottom after its wild ride. After losing momentum. But not until then.

In my shop today.

The wool a mottled mix of watery hues, more subtle than the photos are showing. (why must you mess with my photos, blogger?) Stitches in blues, greens, russet, and gold. A bit over 3 inches long.

What can you tell me about your process? Do you always know where you're going? Are you a sketcher? What do you leave to chance?


Anonymous said...

Your water world stone is lovely! I always appreciate it when you share your process. Just recently I was thinking about how I've shifted into not planning, but rather going along and discovering, as you describe…it feels so much more open, honest & present. .

lynn bowes said...

You know, you are exactly right. I do this, too. I don't have a sketchbook full of designs to be worked as that is too contrived for me. Like you, I start with a stone or bits of metal and let the metal tell me what it wants to be. It just develops from there. Sometimes not so much but if I just let it flow, good results. Not a fan of calibrated stones or earrings that match.

I used to feel bad when other artists talked about their design process and what inspired them but I gave up caring. I am inspired by machines and old hardware stores, cars, motors, things with edge.

Your work : love, as always.

The Mindful Spirit said...

I am enthralled, enchanted, enticed, euphoric, elated, engulfed with your vision, creativity, abilities and God given talent........

Anonymous said...

This is so pretty, the unplanned design and the colors - all of it. And your description too. You're a great writer (and artist too of course). Hope you're all really well. X


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