Sunday, October 12, 2014

shop update today at noon

These stones, and plenty more, will be available in my shop today at noon, Central time.
I'd be so thankful if you would have a look or spread the word.

Thanks! Have a lovely Sunday.


Inspired By June said...

I have an alarm set, lol!

Anonymous said...

Less than 45 minutes, and they are ALL gone! Next time I'll have to be like June and set an alarm. This is such a comment on your incredible talent, Lisa. Your work is so impressive and beautiful, that it doesn't surprise me that they all sell out so soon. But, it does frustrate me when I don't get the chance to buy one.

Keep up the good (beautiful) work!

xo Linda

Anonymous said...

Dang it! I'm too late, again.

Maybe next time.

Carol S.

Quinn said...

Wow! I just checked your shop. Thanks for posting such lovely pictures so we can all enjoy them! And congrats to the lucky new owners :) said...

I love your felting and embroidery work! So glad I stumbled upon your beautiful blog!


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