Sunday, January 04, 2015

mounded with fiber

If you dare walk past my wool fort I will throw wool balls at you.

I'm dyeing wool today and that's not an optical illusion, my kitchen table is mounded with fiber.
My version of heaven.

Happy Sunday, all.


martine said...

Fabulous picture:-)

Ariadne said...

Wow!So much snow!(I mean wool!)AriadnefromGreece!

Lisa-Marie said...

I wish I had a wool fort! Have fun with the dying!

Els said...

WOW !!! That is a HUGE stash !!!!

(Mmmmmm the feel of that ;-) !)

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Thanks everyone!

Lisa Marie - come on over, I'll share mine! It might be more colorful by the time you get here though. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa looks like you are having a fun day! I hope you will show us pictures when u get done dyeing all that! Wow that is an impressive pile of wool ya got there! Have a great week!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Gee, that's a real mountain here ! I bet you had mountains of fun LOL Or even better, you had a ball ! LOL
OK, off I go. ;-)

Alchemy Dreaming said...

jealousy, somuch jealousy!

RedTwigBrownTwig said...

That's awesome! So many possibilities in that much wool!


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