Tuesday, January 20, 2015

what emerges

When I'm teaching a class of 10 or more it's common for the students to each work at a slightly different pace. When I'm asked to demonstrate a technique, like how to blend color, or how to make an eye, I'll end up doing so a couple of times. When class is over, I end up with something like this wonder from my latest bird class.

A 3-eyed, 1-legged, purple whatsit. Who, I'll admit, I find kind of endearing.

The "owl" from my recent owl class ended up with one eye and three beaks. I'd show you, but the cat thought he was irresistible.  I have a sheep class coming up on Feb. 5th. We'll see what emerges from that one.

Happy Tuesday, all.


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Ah ! Adorable !!

Johanna said...

How fun! I would love to take a trip just for one of your classes, you don't happen to know of anyone around the St. louis MO area that offers classes (already searched online with no success)? I have been making hearts like mad to send in my V day care packages and just love it! Thanks again for the inspiration, even 3 eyed one legged birds are cute! :)

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Thanks Johanna! I don't know of anyone off-hand in the St. Louis MO area that offers classes but you might consider posting in one of the needle felting groups on facebook. They seem to be a good source of info. Good luck!

StaroftheEast said...

'Whatsit' is really cute!


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