Tuesday, March 24, 2015

checking in on the mushrooms in the tree

I took a few minutes to walk in the woods yesterday and check on the mushrooms I had planted in the tree. I hadn't checked on them since November so I expected a change but you know...not much has happened.

We've had so little snow this winter that it still looks like fall in the woods. Bitter cold we had plenty of, but very little snow. 

The only major difference I saw in the mushrooms was that they were leaning more, and the color had drained from the caps, a fact I find interesting since the caps were undyed wool to begin with. The green is still quite vibrant but the undyed grey has faded to almost nothing.

The little rock is still in there too. No one has been digging into this mushroom like they had with the first.

The transition, with yesterday's view at the top, November in the middle, and the October beginning at the bottom.

We'll see what spring brings.


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Just like us, they get a little floppier & fade away with time LOL eheh
Thanks for keeping us posted !

prpltrtl946 said...

Based on MY Winter this year, I think the critters are still hibernating!! When they believe it is REALLY Spring, THEN they might come out and raid your installation. IMHO 8*)

Unknown said...

That's amazing how good it still looks! I wish I could get out into my woods but the snow is still up to my knee's! That is such a cool felting project!


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