Thursday, September 17, 2015

it ain't pretty

There's been a secret I've kept from you all, one that gets carefully omitted from photos, and oft-discussed with my husband. A giant, unsightly beast, whose mere presence raises my blood pressure. An eyesore representative of just another project left uncompleted, hidden under tarps. Given to us as a gift, we (ahem, husband) imagined happy family adventures on the road but it's yet to be moved. I've threatened to call the scrap company to haul it away a dozen times only to be reminded that it has new tires, and it's one part away from running, and we've already started to gut the inside, and we have paint!

It was in a conversation this weekend that I began to see it differently; as an opportunity rather than an eyesore.

But oh holy buckets is it an eyesore.

We had started to gut it a few years ago and just look at this mess.

I do dig that plaid seat though.

So it seems I have myself a new project and maybe, just maybe, lil fish studios will be on the road someday soon.

Wish me luck! (and Lysol)


Unknown said...

Hahaha! We have the same project in our back yard! Oh golly its never ending! Could be a fun project-if there was only more time!, good luck with that beast!

celkalee said...

In the early 1980's we had one similar. (not quite as bad though:)) We did re-do it and as I live and breathe it was the greatest adventure maker we had as a family. My memories of our travels in that thing are cherished. Now, with my one son gone to Heaven and the other long on his own, those memories sustain me so much that we bought a nice new one in January. It is a much bigger, fancier bus but let me tell you we are making new memories, having a great time and wishing everyone could have this experience. I sure hope you can find the time and the will to work on this. Wool on the road would be a great thing!!!

Unknown said...

Looks like a great way to have a traveling classroom! If you do that and come to Florida I will trade you a parking spot for a free class😃

Unknown said...

holy cow indeed. BUT I have to send a note that recently we took a 14 day road trip in a camper much like this (after it is refurbished) for the first time EVER. It was an amazing experience. In all ways. Especially in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, your opportunities abound! Go for it! Keep us posted:)

Ida said...

And there is always donating it to Public Radio!

lynn bowes said...

Oh girl. Are you brave enough to take it on? I have faith in you that this could be sweet and I love the idea of a traveling classroom. At 8mpg. =-)

PILAR6373 said...

Es un gran proyecto y a pesar del trabajo,puede resultar muy divertido!!! Ya verás lo que disfrutas cuando estéis en camino,rumbo a la aventura!!! Mucha suerte!!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Well, I think that it needs a big wash, scrubbing & painting on the outside, and a deep clean a remodel on the inside (new fabrics, curtains, floors etc) and it will be as good as new !!!!
Then ... cross the big pond and come see me !!!!!! xoxo

Rebekah of The Little Red Thread said...

This is awesome. You need to name it The Wooly Mammoth or something equally cliche but catchy ;)
We do have a wool gathering festival here in Yellow Springs, OH every Fall so if you do ever get it up and running that's definitely something to consider!

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Thanks everyone! I'll be sure to share pics as it progresses.

Oh Sonia, how I wish it could float across the big pond to you! xo

Rebekah - The Wooly Mammoth!! Omg, perfect!! hahaha!


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