Wednesday, December 09, 2015

a new stone

A late work start today gave me time to stitch a stone. Inspired no doubt by the number of bug egg casings I've been looking at lately. Is that weird? Maybe. But mantid oothecas are pretty cool looking.

I brought the stone to work with me and it is now residing in the TCAA online shop. 30% of the sale (if it sells) will go to support TCAA's mission of promoting and enhancing the arts in our area.

You'll also find a number of pieces from talented Minnesota artists there with new things added weekly. If you'd check it out and keep it in mind for your gift-giving needs, I and the other artists it supports, would be so grateful.


Quinn said...


Unknown said...

Hi Lisa I love this stone! I checked out your work site. I knew it would be gone. Darn it! That's awesome it has sold. Congrats-its a beauty!

Szera said...

So cute! :) <3


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