Thursday, December 03, 2015

frosty mornings and adventure kitties

I took a walk around the yard this morning. Mother Nature had once again sugared the landscape and I marvel in the details of her chilly confections. Even something as simple as an oil lamp, forgotten near the patio, becomes somehow special.

The adventure kitties even joined me for a stroll. Pug, the one with the unfortunate tail and the tan eyes, still insists on climbing my leg when he wants my attention. His brother, Leopard, (the kids named them) with the extra toes and greenish eyes is far more reserved and only doles out affection occasionally. He will walk near me, purring and kneading the ground, but doesn't exactly want me to hold him. Silly things, cats. 

Happy Thursday, all. 


Unknown said...

Every time I see your two sweeties, it makes me think of my Marmee whom I adore... What companions they must be for one another. Loved this post, especially the contrast between the palette of a winter wonderland and the vibrant orange kitty coats. Hope they aren't too COLD though out there in that snow, I'm sure they got treats for their modeling time! ;)

Karen Robinson said...

These photos are EXQUISITE! Frosty mornings are some of my favourites. I love your rich descriptions, too. I always look forward to your blog posts!

Quinn said...

I love those round kitty faces :)

Antje said...

What wonderful and lovely Winterphotographics! I lov that red cat in the snow.
Greetings from Antje from Germany

Gordana.M said...

Wishing you many frosty morning. In the best possible way ;)


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