Thursday, July 28, 2016

random thoughts on a thursday

I was recently challenged to work on a stone in the color pink. You might have noticed that I don't work much in pink, but I spent some time thinking about our wild roses that stubbornly grow around the stumps in our back woods, and gave it a try. I was happy with the result and because of that, decided to try the other colors that I've been denying. This week I worked in black, and I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner because I loved the effect. This stone was inspired by my favorite birds, the corvids (crows, ravens, jays) . Next

I gave up working on a to-do list, instead adapting a "to-do tomorrow" list, and that little trick of giving my brain time to think about what needs to be done has been really helpful.

I've rented a classroom at the building where I work for the weekend and am hauling lots of wool and supplies over. I'll be teaching a class on stone-making in the morning on Saturday, sharing wet-felting with friends later that day, and then working on whatever felty thing I might like on Sunday. See, I work at the kitchen table at home so having a whole room with a tile floor, tables, and a sink to myself is an amazing thing.

I watched my 7 year old make a tiny grill out of a bottle cap and aluminum foil last night, stuff it with tissue and light it on fire, and "grill" tiny shavings of carrots and peppers. It makes me proud to see her playing with sharp knives and fire, as weird as that may sound. But I admit it gave me pause when she looked up at me yesterday with a glint in her eye and told me that tomorrow she would make one that's BIGGER.

I should be in the shower by now, getting ready for work. Instead I'm tapping out this post and watching a slug make trails in the condensation on the window glass. Last night I was entranced by the wee frog who was trying to catch mosquitos on the same window. The day before, when I was having a particularly stressed-out moment, I noticed a bee on the sunflower by our door and I stopped to marvel at his pollen-laden legs. Nature is good medicine.

Up and at 'em.
Have a stellar day, all.


Unknown said...

Lisa: your little pouch pendant is beautiful! Very intricate, original work. Please let me know if you are going to be making those to sell....I see perfect Christmas presents...and one for me too! I know what you mean about renting a space. I work with felt, and also with clay, and I can make a big wet mess in a very short time...I don't mind the mess, but don't particularly like to have to clean it up...

gretchen said...

Wondering... if that black stone is for sale. It's haunting me - i absolutely love it! i suppose i've said this before, but i have a couple of your small art-o-mat stones that i adore... you do beautiful work :)

lillalotta said...

Such wonderful work.
I love your choice of colours, and style.


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