Friday, August 27, 2010

Crafting For Ourselves

I was really struck by the amount of fun I saw in the Crafting For Ourselves group this week.  Zombies, clay acorns, travel desks, and more!  Fun!  I, (hanging my head in shame) haven't done much crafting for myself lately and really need to.  I recognize that I was happier when I was making the time, so it's my goal to have something to show off for next week's mosaic.  In the meantime, please enjoy these wonderful pieces.

1. clay acorns, 2. 228:365 stones and threads, 3. B's Travel Lap Desk, 4. back brown sweater, 5. Prehnite and Sterling Silver Pendant, 6. curve and wisp, 7. Upcycled Recycled Deconstructed T-shirt, 8. London themed cushions, 9. Xirafa de cartón

You also have to see this beautiful creation from Nicole of Brizel Handicrafts.  She shared this with me through the comments on last week's Crafting For Ourselves post and I'm so glad she did.  Pop over here and read the story behind it, it's a really meaningful project.

Do you have something you've made for you, for your home, for your family lately?  Show us!  Join us on Flickr, leave a comment, or email me.  I'd love to see.

6 comments: said...

Confession: my prehnite necklace went from being 'crafting for ourselves' to 'crafting for Odile' last week. I may be DQed as I had the best of intentions to keep it; however, Odile honored the flaw.

Off to check out the story from Nicole.

xoxox :: lynn

Sonia said...

yay for all the ladies who managed to make something for themselves !
thanks for including my cushion, my friend :)
I hope you'll find the time for making something for you or yours soon.

Brizel Handcrafts said...

WOW that upcycled t-shirt is just MARVELOUS... lusting for those earthy browns... Is this a one of ? feeling lusty... lol

THANKS for mentioning my project. I'm feeling great this week- i spent some time crafting around my birthday and made a Silk Tapestry Table Pouch for myself that i really love. will share on my blog soon :)

Have a great weekend !

Colleen said...

It is always nice to see that people take the time to create for themselves and their families. Thanks for sharing my son's lap desk.

♥ meninheira ♥ said...

Oh! thanks for mentioning our giraffe :D and a big hug for all.

meni :*

ELK said...

this is a lovely collection..thank you for including my bird ..


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