Monday, August 23, 2010

Some Days Are Just Like That

My wee ones spent the better part of the night/early morning being awake and making sure I was awake too.  The coffee maker decided to wake me up much earlier than I would have liked, and I have to go into town today to get my 5 year old ready for school.  So I'm feeling a little tired and old today.  And a little beat up, thanks to a spectacular fall I took this weekend.  (it was a thing to behold, let me tell you) 

So instead of the fun button Monday post I hoped to do, here's a glimpse at what I've been working on, and a glimpse at what I've seen lately.

Happy Monday, everyone.

a squirrel snack - the inside of a pinecone


Brizel Handcrafts said...

Full moon is approaching !

Love what you saw and the apple will be yummy forever :) perhaps arnica might be of assistance ?

Kar said...

I think I had one of those nights/mornings the other day. I had to turn the music on to get into a better mood. Hope you are doing okay from your 'spectacular fall'. Nothing too serious I hope. :)

Tumus said...

LOL you know what's funny is I fell just yesterday when I was out picking corn. I had a big bucket full of perfect looking Silver Queen and ripe cherry tomatoes. I managed to get my foot tangled in the fence netting I've been using to keep rabbits and cats out and tripped placing my right foot in my bucket of yumminess crushing 3 corn and all of my tomatoes and twisting my ankle and bruising the rest.

Feel better soon at least you didn't lose 1/2 your harvest :)

Marilyn said...

Oh dear Lisa... hope you're on the mend and it doesn't interfere with your busy-ness. That first photo looks interesting..?.. and the others are just lovely.
Take care....

NanaBeast said...

I have to tell you AGAIN how much I love coming here. Every photo today evokes a sense of delight in me. And I love how you describe things - "it was a thing to behold, let me tell you" and I'm so sorry to hear about your pain.

I am so glad you have you Etsy favorites in the sidebar. I discover so many wonderful things there. Wish I could get some of Lamberts' pieces!

May you heal quickly and find your "zone" again soon.

Sonia said...

aw, my friend, so sorry that you fell, like a lady suggested above, maybe you could take some arnica homeopathy ? I hope it will be painless ASAP.
tell me about feeling old, U will trun 6 on Wednesday & will go to the same school as P next week. Not a baby anymore, that's for sure. You still have a babe in the family :)
hang in there, mama. Off to send you an email :)
xoxoxo take care, my friend.
thinking about you

Margie Oomen said...

oh no
no vintage button fix
for the week
i guess I will just have
to settle for nature

AG Ambroult said...

love that little apple. ouch! it's always so shocking when we fall as adults. I tell my kids "you're ok!" when they fall, but when WE fall, it's a whole different thing. seems like we're just not made for that anymore. fell better soon.

Leah said...

i do love your photos. so fall and creamy and dreamy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had an "I feel old" day yesterday. I hope today you have a little more spring in your step.
Did you slip on a mossy log, or get kicked by an angry lobster mushroom ;)

ELK said...

oh so sorry you fell..i relish all the colors and textures in this post...take good care and get some rest!

Brizel Handcrafts said...

You mean rose hips in general... i usually selfishly opt out of harvesting them because i prefer to prune them in order to get more roses instead.

As to Arnica... although the gel is good for external bruises... I was referring to it in homeopathic terms. it is the #1 remedy for fall injuries, bruising, shock, trauma. Its hard to go wrong. VERY handy for any emergency kit :)

best wishes... & thanks for stopping at my blog !

Margie Oomen said...

so sorry about your fall lisa
I must have sped read the post and missed that very important detail
heal well
and quickly


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