Saturday, August 07, 2010

My Forest Friend

I have a new friend and I'd like to introduce you.  This is the Pine Cone Gatherer and he has come all the way from the mountains of France to live with me. 

For those of you that know Nanou, you'll recognize him instantly as one of her fantastic creations, and you may guess how excited I am to have this guy with me.  For those of you that don't know Nanou, where to begin...  Nanou sees magic in the woods and shares it with us in a way that is enchanting and clever and endearing.  She sculpts these friends from sticks, seeing their personalities and faces in knots and twigs.  She gives life to these creations, each and every one of them, through stories and anecdotes and details like scarves and salt cellar hats.  A look through her flickr stream will totally charm you and will change the way you look at fallen twigs, I promise you.

I carefully opened the box from Nanou, and when I pulled back the covers (the Pine Cone Gatherer slept most of his trip), the local squirrels were immediately abuzz.  His reputation had already spread to the States as a master gatherer and they were more than a little nervous about it.  After a quick stretch and a smile, the Pine Cone Gatherer began looking around his new home.

I feared that the language barrier might make things difficult for us, as I don't speak French, but luckily the Pine Cone Gatherer spoke perfect English, in the most lovely French accent.  I could listen to him all day, but he would have none of that.  He set to work almost immediately gathering acorns and mushrooms (amethyst deceivers for me to try dyeing with).   I can tell he'll be very helpful around here.

I guess he needed a little exercise after his long trip (and all that sleeping).  After he gathered for a while, he took a break, I wiped his brow, and we tried on some new hats together.

He was a good sport about it.

Yes, yes, this is nice. 

OK, that's enough now.

Seriously.  Enough.  This is ridiculous.

After he had done his gathering, I found him a bowl of pinecones to rest in for the night. 

I think I see him smiling a little.

Thank you, Nanou, for sharing a bit of your world with me.  I will cherish my forest friend, and you as my friend, always. 

10 comments: said...

Too cute. I think your giving him a voice and a real personality makes him all the more endearing. You deserved a special little gift after this week of teasing and poking.

xox :: lynn

Sonia said...

oooh Lisa, this is such a lovely tribute to our special Nanou. I am very very lucky, because we are supposed to meet on Monday. (ooooooh excited !!)
You took awesome photos, they could come from a book ... oh maybe an idea for a collaboration between you two ! :D
have a wonderful weekend, my friend. xoxox

FranticMommy said...

This is SO AWESOME! Oddly enough. I found you in a round-about way. I saw your reTweet about Sherry Bocks baby. I thought "oh yeah! Sherry has mention Lisa's Etsy stuff to me (Lakes Area Mom Squad)". So I looked you up, found your blog and am officially in love (not in a weird way-just with your blog :). Your story and photography are phenominal. I am your newest follower and subscriber! Franticmommy is my funny-parenthood-stories blog. is the blog where profile local Moms in business. Obvious I can't wait to read more about you and your Etsy stuff! Hope to hear from you soon!

Maria Apostolou said...

This is so inspiring! I love collecting twigs, leaves and other natural specimens during my walks. Creating a personality out of these elements adds a whole new different dimension.

kreativgeschichten said...

Oh lovely great story. And for the further horsetrip into the wood, I will have a look to all of this wood family.


Nanou said...

Oh Lisa !!! I feel so honored about this post ... and the forest gatherer is blushing too ! He has only one eye, but I can see it sparkling with pleasure ! He looks so proud with all these amazing hats. Difficult to choose, every morning, which one to wear ... He knew the trip would be worth, but he didn't wait such a fantastic welcome !

Thanks so much, Lisa, for all your love and care, for all these new adventures and beautiful photos. YOU have magical eyes and heart.

Big hugs from your woodloverfriend Nanou and a special hello from France from her forest creatures to your local squirrels ...

RustChic said...

just simply adorable- you've given your forest friend such a lovely countenance- he may visit down de bayou anytime

Michelle said...

What a lovely story! You received beautiful gift from Nanou - it's so inspirational!

joanie said...

What a sweet story you tell about the little woodsy traveler. I'm sure he feels right at home with you and your creations Lisa.
Nanou is a magic maker :)

Margie Oomen said...

nanou is magical, i could sense that from our very first encounter through an email what seems like ages ago. She feels nature so very deeply and it is reflected in everything she makes. She lives in a place in the south of france where my husband and i were backbacking and camping for our honeymoon many years ago. We went to the beach she gathers pebbles from and camped in the hills above the city where she may even have gathered he sticks and pinecones. I can't help but think we crossed paths way back then and perhaps that is a little part of our close connection. I am planning a forest gathering of all of us Lisa (in my mind anyway) and of course you are invited.


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