Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fighting Cabin Fever

The weather was lovely this morning with temps hovering around 20, perfect woods-walking weather.  I roused my dog Sandy from her sleeping bag and headed out back towards the woods to try to shake some of this cabin fever that seems to have grabbed hold of me.  Sandy decided to head down a well-worn game trail, and feeling ready for a change in scenery, I followed.

The snow just off-trail is really deep, well above my knees in some places.  I tried to warn Sandy, but being a bulldog and all stubborn and everything, she ignored my warning.

After freeing herself (with a little help) and regaining her composure, we continued on.  We ended up going quite far, following different game trails until we were off our property and back in the state land.  I found the wet areas from which the cacaphony of frog choruses erupt each summer, a few high bush cranberry shrubs, and several deer "nests" where they had been bedding down under a giant pine. 

We wandered for a few hours, me stopping often to snap photos of lichens, Sandy whining at me to get moving.  It was a lovely wandering sort of day, and just what I needed.

For those of you that aren't able to get out and wander today, here are a few photos from the woods, just for you.

I found this particular lichen very inspiring.

I can't remember what these little things are called, but they look like deflated cranberries growing on the dead trees.

Near the end of our trip I stopped to look at some holes in a downed tree and noticed some teeeeeny fungus.  Can you see it?

By this time Sandy smelled home and was done with my lichen and mushroom foolishness.  The roof of our house was visible through the trees so she left me behind and headed to the warmth of her blanket.

I wasn't quite ready to head back yet so I lingered a while, enjoying the quiet.  I was happy to be lost in thought, looking at lichen, and walking winding trails.  I felt like I could have walked all day.  Do you ever feel like that?

I finally headed inside feeling a bit clearer, a little less restless, and a little more inspired.  I have a feeling you'll see some suggestions of this walk show up in my work soon.

Happy Saturday, everyone.


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

SO glad you could "escape" from the "home world" even for a simple walk in the woods.
You saw so many beautiful, inspiring things, no wonder why you came back home feeling inspired ! :D Would loooove to walk in the woods with you xoxoxo

Heleen said...

I love your beautifull pictures!

t does wool said...

loved the walk with you Lisa~~ ;)

candace said...

How wonderful that you can escape on a little walk through the woods. I always have those restless days where I can't focus and need to get out.. pretty forests like yours would do me good! *SIGH*

I love your lichen photos! Lichens are one of my favorite things. SO magical. Thank you for capturing some and bringing them in to share with us. ;)

ZenCrafter said...

Love the photos and words and the vicarious walk through the woods (I was inside all day with a sick child!). And I can't wait to see lichens interpreted in felted wool by your hands!

Sabine said...

those photos are beautiful

Valerie said...

Sweetness, stillness and winter, all wrapped up in those beautiful photos. Thanks for taking us along!

Digs (Amanda Carestio) said...

lovely photos, as always. I love taking little photo walks - seems to require and provide a slowness. And your doggy is too cute belly deep in the snow!


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