Monday, February 01, 2010


I reopened my Etsy shop today, after taking a break over the holidays.  I had a chance to clear my head, finish some nagging projects around the house, entertain a dear friend, and take some time to refocus.  I'm excited about some of the new pieces I'm working on, and look forward to sharing my ideas with you all.

Toadstool Hollow - a needlefelted scene intended to hold and display your favorite nature finds.

A wool terarrium scene complete with pebbles, sporophytes, and toadstool.

Encircled brooch - made of linen and wool and an acorn so you will never be far from the woods.

Sweet Toadstool Heart brooch- made of felted wool sweaters.


Sue said...

Oh, I love the terarrium and the toadstool hollow ! How cute!:0)

eidolons said...

Oh! I've been waiting to see your shop - I discovered you during your break. I love!love!love! the mushrooms!

Cia said...

Congratulation for your shop!!! ^_^


PineBlossoms said...

OOOoooH Boy!
I love seeing all your new stuff! I was kind of wrapped up in my own little world and missed your last several months of creations... but I am on my way to look at your beautiful stuff...and be inspired!
It is all so beautiful!

k said...

simply adorable!
I love love love them all!

Marchi Wierson said...


Neuroknitter said...

Love them all!!! I'm so glad you're open again! :)

Anna White said...

Oh these are just so adorable...makes me clucky to have a little girl...I love love love your new range...well done ! x

karen said...

Love them all!!

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Thank you so much, everyone! I really appreciate your sweet words.

jaki said...

Oh Lisa, these are adorable!!
Your little acorns on Maya Made caught my eye so I had to come over for a peek at your art :)


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