Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Word Wednesday

I normally post a Wordless Wednesday entry, but I didn't have much time to snap photos today to share with you.  It was a busy day and I'm feeling a bit tired.  I was going to skip my Wednesday post all together, but as I walked to the mailbox at dusk, it occurred to me that I'd like to share an image with you.  One I've captured in my mind that I wish I could share, in person, with so many of you. 

The snow is deep here and it rolls and dips through the dense woods surrounding our house.  In the clearings the snow seems to roll over downed logs, now completely hidden, like a lazy wave.  Or as if the entire scene had been covered in a smooth layer of fondant.  The sunset is dragging its fingers from the sky, leaving dusky blues in its place and the leafless, towering silhouettes of the pines and poplars are interrupted only occasionally by a birds nest or clump of leaves left behind by some clever squirrel. 

Soon the sky will be a deep blue and the stars will be so bright that you think you might be able to reach up and pluck one.  It is quiet and still.  If it weren't for the puff of smoke wafting from the chimney or the faint smell of garlic from tonight's dinner hanging in the air, I would swear I was alone in this place. 

But I am not alone.  When I open the door I will be bombarded with light, and noise, and children running to and fro.  An explosion of activity, surrounded by fondant-covered quiet. 


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

well wow
I don't know which one I prefer
the wordless weds or the word weds ....
gee you write so beautifully, my friend ... I could read you endlessly (really, you're THAT good !)
I hope little ones will sleep better next night. I keep you in my thoughts. Always.
xoxoxo love

mayaluna said...

Wonderful word Wednesday, Lisa. We live in a similar world of wooded fondant splendor! I don't know that I could have written about it so beautifully, but I recognized the place you described perfectly... down to the woodsmoke and garlic!

NanaBeast said...

A truly beautiful picture you've shared here. BEE-OO-T-FULL.

Thank you.

Eva said...

I enjoy your wordless wednesdays but this was very beautiful too. Looking forward to tomorrow's :)

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

I don't know where I've been, but I'm sad I missed this post when it was fresh. Beautiful images, Lisa. Wish I could see it in person :)


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