Friday, June 25, 2010

How My Garden Grows

I've been working on wrestling a small garden out of the grip of a nasty patch of weeds.  I'm afraid that with all of the rain we've been having the weeds are making a bit of a comeback but even still, this little garden is one of my favorite spots in the yard. 

The oak that stood here had died from wilt but the creeping virginia that had climbed up the side has remained.  The ferns pop up all on their own like weeds.  I keep some but they'll quickly overtake the garden if I let them.  I like that the stump is producing shoots and's that for determination?

If you look closely, you'll see a little iron nuthatch, purchased from this shop on Etsy.

At the base of the stump is a patch of hens and chicks.  The hens are making chicks like crazy!  Look at all those babies tucked in there.

My tribute to Margie.

Behind the stump stands my birdfeeder that I adore from Joe Papendick.  It plays host to a number of different birds...nuthatches, finches, blue jays, woodpeckers, and sometimes some of these guys:

a yellow-shafted Northern Flickr.

The toads and garter snakes tend to linger in here and our new flock of chicks and guinea keets like to play here as well.  I think it must be the art that draws them in.

The lilacs and irises have bloomed and gone, the daylilies are doing their thing, and soon the hydrangeas will bloom.  I've been feeding them coffee grounds and hope to have some lovely blue blooms again this year.  I'll share photos when they're up.

How is your garden growing?  Do you have a special place where the toads play?


Tree Dellinger said...

Creeping virginia? We call it Virginia creeper down here in Virginia. : )

I've enjoyed reading your blog very much.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

haha! You're right, it is Virginia Creeper! I was mentally combining the Virginia Creeper with the Creeping Charlie. All kinds of creepin' goin' on around here. :)

Vintage Tracy said...

Looks like a lotta livin' is going on around there. Our yard is so wet from all the rain that it just goes "squish, squish, squish" when I walk on it. I guess it's nice that I haven't had to water the veggie garden yet, and it's outta control (in a good way).

Tumus said...

I'm fighting with my peas and corn at the moment and unfortunately one of my lovely Russian Sages died when I transplanted it to the back of the house.
I managed to divide up my irises and have FAR TOO MANY rhizomes this year. Eek. It was hot sweaty work and my low back got sunburnt from all the bending over LOL.

I'm trying my hand at some heirloom tomatoes called yellow perfection. So far they are very slow to grow which worries me a bit. My roma tomato is about chest high now while my yellows are barely 10 in. >_<

Rose Gold said...

I like the birdfeeder of yours. The babies chicken is really awesome! Can't wait to post your next blog when its already out from the shell.

Crystal Swan said...

The wild animals sure love your garden. There must be something special in your garden that keeps them in or coming back. My garden can't have them all, only birds do flock on my gardens. No toads as there are no pool of water near my garden. I sure do love to have one and put a fountain too to make the air fresh during the hot season. Hope I can make it this year. Congrats on your wonderful garden.


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