Monday, June 21, 2010

New Babies

We expanded our flock this weekend, adding 12 Guinea keets, 6 Gold Links, and 2 turkeys.  We have 10 young chickens now who are not too impressed with the new additions, but I imagine they'll all work it out eventually.  We have the tiny babies in the brooding coop now and the Guineas will be moved out to the garden coop when they're a little bigger.

We've had our worst year, ever, for ticks which is what prompted me to get the Guineas.  A pair of Guineas can supposedly eat all the ticks in an acre of land.  As long as you bond with them when they're young, they'll return home to roost when they're let loose.

They're tiny, about golf ball size and they have squeaky little voices that sound like rusted gates swinging shut.  Totally adorable.  The turkeys always have cool personalities. They're more deliberate than chickens and seem to be taking everything in. The Guineas have adopted them as mommas and cram themselves under their wings to keep warm. One turkey seems into it (probably a girl) and the other would rather go wander around.

The chickens seem to think I'm the momma and run to find me when I'm in the yard.  They curl up in my lap and sleep. 

We lost the rest of our adult egg-layers a few months ago so we're re-building.  It's really enjoyable having a flock and nothing but nothing beats a fresh egg.  We are meat-eaters so the turkeys will be here only until Thanksgiving.  I'm a firm believer in knowing where your food comes from, and respecting the animal that provides it.  So while yes, I will eat these turkeys, I know that they will be well-treated in the meantime and that they will be used in their entirety.  They in turn will eat bugs and my kitchen scraps for me, fertilize my yard, provide entertainment and companionship, and finally, food. 

May we all be so useful.

I'll be gone for the next few days but I'll see you all soon.  Have a great week.


yesterdaydream said...

I love the photos; they made my day. I've wanted chickens for so very long, but my township will not permit it. I look forward to seeing them grow via your photos.


Brittany | the Home Ground said...

I am so happy and excited for your new flock. I love that the little guineas huddle under the turkeys, way too cute! I can't wait to see them as they grow up. Enjoy your little fluff balls!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

congratulations on your new additions, my friend ! they are all soooooo adorable, and I bet they're all such a show to watch ! :D
I admire your relationship with growing animals & eat them in the end. We are not vegetarian, but I think we have a harder & harder time eating animals. We don't eat much meat or fish, but still do.
wishing you a lovely week ahead my friend

Margie Oomen said...

those birds are just so adorable
do they eat snails as well as ticks??

Tumus said...

wow that's amazing about Guineas! I didn't know they could eat that much especially in ticks alone.

And I agree, may we all be so useful. I hope one day to have a productive mini-farm like yours in which to raise my kids and bring my nieces and nephews.


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