Saturday, September 04, 2010

Crafting For Ourselves

I love seeing new work in the Crafting For Ourselves group on Flickr each week and am always impressed by what people are making to enrich their own lives.  If you'd like to join us and show off what you've been working on, whether it be a blanket or a blintze, stop on by the group and join.   In the meantime, please enjoy these lovelies...

I'm proud to say that I have a contribution to the group this week as well.  I made myself 3 pairs of cashmere socks and a pair of cashmere pants for my daughter.  Hooray! 

Both the socks and the pants were made from sweater sleeves and were ridiculously easy to make.  As an added bonus, they were much more affordable than buying cashmere socks (I mean, I love them, but yeesh!) , AND I'm repurposing something that has already seen use and I love that.

I picked up the sweaters for $1 a piece at a garage sale and since I only really used the sleeves, I still have lots of cashmere fabric left to work with.  (hats, perhaps?)

I was realllly tempted to make these into socks for myself but they are pretty cute on her

If you want to make your own socks, here's a super simple how-to. 
(I was sewing outside on my deck, so pardon the not-so-great photos...)

First, I turned the sweater inside out.  In order to size the socks correctly, I stuck my foot into the sleeve, pulling the sweater cuff up past my ankle until it felt like a comfortable height.  I plan to wear these in my hiking boots so I kept in mind the height of my boots as well.  

I then pinned above my toes, being mindful of the curve of my toes.  You could cut them straight across but I wanted my socks to be fitted.  This sweater fit the width of my foot well so I didn't have to worry about taking it in any on the sides.

I cut the sleeve off just above the pins and then used it as a pattern for the other sleeve/sock.

After that, I just sewed up the toe using a straight stitch first then going back over it with a zig zag.  After they were sewn, I flipped them right-side out and there you have it!   Socks! 
Eso si que es! (s.o.c.k.s. - sorry, jr. high spanish joke)

I don't think my chicken was that impressed but I'm tellin' ya, my feet feel like they're walking on clouds.  Not bad for a buck, huh?

What have you made for yourself lately?


Norma said...

I made fingerless gloves out of my cashmere sleeves for work. We are seated next to IT and our offices get soooo cold. I will keep an eye out for more sweaters and make some of these. They are great!!

Karen Larko said...

Love your blog Lisa. Thanks for sharing your sock tutorial. I'm going to try that this winter. I love socks!
It's cool to see Jamie's acorns on your blog. Thank you!

joanie said...

I love this Lisa. I think my feet will love you too, I'll try this. Ironically, I'm turning some wooly socks into long, fingerless gloves.
Very soon it will get very cold in my little room where I type away :)

Sue said...

What a great idea! Never thought about it.
Thank you for sharing. :0)

KarenB said...

My first reaction before finishing the post was WHAT? I thought you did some mighty fast knitting, my dear. Then I kept reading. ;-) What a great idea. I'll have to keep a watch for cashmere sweaters.

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

what a joy to see my photo here, thanks a lot my friend :) I'm always happy to see that other make time for themselves too !
Way to go for making you socks !! I love the reverse idea of Joanie too !! You're both brilliant !!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

what a joy to see my photo here, thanks a lot my friend :) I'm always happy to see that other make time for themselves too !
Way to go for making you socks !! I love the reverse idea of Joanie too !! You're both brilliant !!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. When you turn the socks so the seams are in do they "bother" your feet? In other words irritate or do you feel them? I have knit some wool socks but I hate turning the heel so I make "tube" wool socks. JoAnn

Valerie said...

Lisa, your socks are fantastic! Being a recycled sweater wool "junkie", I usually make wrist warmers from the bottom edges of the sleeves, but I love the sock idea.
You asked what I've made lately, so I will share. Take a look at my Scooter Backpack Bag:
It was my birthday last week, so I decided I'd make something for MYSELF! We crafters need to remember to outfit ourselves every so often, right?!
x, Val

noricum said...

Cool! A suggestion for the sweater body is hot water bottle cozies... I *love* my cashmere hot water bottle cozy!!!

Colleen said...

Did you follow any type of pattern for the pants? Those are super cute! I also love the way you made your socks. I've seen other ways, but this one is a whole lot less complicated!

lynn bowes said...

I swear, that pic of your baby looking down at her stripey pants just knocked MY socks off! My guess is that she has the same look on her face as the chick.

xox :: lynnie

o.m.g. - my verification word is 'nookism'. What could THAT mean . . .

kreativgeschichten said...

Hi Lisa,

thank you for posting my sweet Lieblingsbank and thank you a lot for sharing the idea of the socks. Great Great Great

:-) Anette

ELK said...

lisa many thanks for including my image in this lovely mosaic..and thanks for the sock directions..i think even I could make these!!

k said...

i am definitely going to have to keep an eye out at the thrift store for some sweaters - cashmere or wool. what a great idea. i love knitting socks, but this is such a great way to repurpose!

Cathy said...

What a creative idea! and your little one is SO sweet.....she makes my heart melt!

lynn said...

what a great idea! i'm always looking for ways to use up scrap sweaters.


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