Saturday, December 18, 2010

Not Me

It would be fair to say that there is crayon, pencil, or marker on every wall of my home.  "Yes, my kids are free-thinkers who like to explore non-traditional media", I say to myself. (while my inner self laughs at me and my outer self cleans the walls and thinks about what color paint I'll use this time.)

When I find new drawings on the wall I always ask who did it.  "Not me!" comes the song from the artists.  That darn "not me" does a lot of naughty stuff around here. 

Noticing that my 5 year old has been leaving his mark on everything from his bedroom wall to the firewood, I tell him, "Spencer, you know, when you write your name on the wall, I know it's you who has been doodling."

I found this today.  I think he finally figured out how to really work the "not me" angle.

Happy Saturday, everyone.


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

ooooh the naughty boy, he wrote his brother's name !!!!! Little stinkers LOL
please give them all a hug from me, and keep a super giant one for you, my friend

Marilyn said...

That's so funn!!! My oldest did exactly the same thing...he would write HIS brothers name and blame the brother...who is four years younger and couldn't even write! They do stop doing things like that....eventually!! :)

Unknown said...

Oh that's cute, blaming brother. I am sure if he has to clean those doodles enough he will stop.

Norma said...

my daughter is a "TAGGER". ever since she learned to write her name, she tags it every where she's not supposed to.
house siding
porch rail
swing set
.....and always says she didn't do it. Sigh...she's more work than my three boys put together. : )

karen said...

Have you heard of a company that makes "Magnetic Paint" for Sherwin Williams? OK, it's prolly not low VOC but the company also makes chalk paint. And according to the website, there are only a few states that sell this paint. Check it out.

Maybe when they use cool surfaces like this, then, they'll start writing their own names on their master pieces.

This is My Life said...

My poor son will have trouble with "not me' sinc ehe is an only child. I love the not me guy.

lynn bowes said...

Smaaaaaart . . .

t does wool said...

just to let you know they were there ;)
great post,Lisa~ happy Holidays to you all.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Oh my gosh, Norma, a "tagger"! That's the perfect description. Little monkeys.

Thanks Karen for the link, I'll have to check that out. If they only made a paint-on velcro wall I could stick the little monsters to, I'd be all set.


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