Saturday, February 05, 2011

Bye Bye Buttons

As you know, I've been parting with my vintage buttons this past week.  I've been selling some off in my destash shop and sending some to friends.  It feels good, this letting go, so I had a good chuckle at myself when I found myself oohing and ahhing over a set of buttons I spied on Etsy yesterday.  I very nearly bought them too, but gave myself a shake and a slap and snapped out of it. 

One step at a time. 

My goal is to have a small jar of lovely buttons just for me to work with and one with the victorian picture buttons I love.  My work has been moving in a different direction (path) and I'd much rather see these beautiful old buttons go on to others who will appreciate them.  I'll keep adding some to my lilfishextras shop over the next few weeks and then I think I'll box up the rest and sell them as a giant lot on ebay.
I feel like I should have some melancholic music playing here as I bid adieu to the love affair that was my button collection.

I found this clear glass button in a set that I put in the shop yesterday and puzzled over why the holes were painted, one red and one blue. 

When I picked it up I realized that the red and blue were then reflected in the facets cut on the front of the button, in an alternating pattern.  How clever is that?

I've been loving hearing from the sweet souls who have been purchasing some of the pound bags of unsearched buttons.  Rebekah (who makes the adorable goodies at Tumus and pinpinn on Etsy) found a few fun ones in her bag and blogged about it.  If you get a chance, stop over and check it out.

Doesn't her bulldog ornament look just like my dog?

Happy Saturday, everyone.


karen said...

Nice blog post Lisa. I'm so happy I have some of those beautiful glass buttons! These dogs are just too cute. I just want to hug them. Are they both yours? said...

omg - two bulldogs?!? I'm jonesin' for a bulldog, girlfriend! (don't tell Ed)

Tumus said...

LOL that is very ironic that my bulldog ornament looks just like your babies ^_^

t does wool said...

happy saturday to you..xx

joanie said...

How are you doing it? My goodness, I'm way too attached to mine and haven't had the power to stop my purchases, except through a lack of cashflow. Though I've remained strong enough to have not yet stooped to petty crime to fund my addiction.
If I could I would empty out your shop in a heartbeat and give your button babies a welcome new home!

I'm so happy to see you had some sun this week. Can't wait to see what you've been working on. Have a lovely weekend.

PumpkinGirl said...

You are a brave woman for parting with all those buttons. Every time I get rid of something, it always comes back to bite me! Love to see the paths you are taking, though!

Terrie said...

Hi Lisa, adorable dog. I just extended the Stylish Blog Award to you to share your wonderful blog. I love all your stuff, the wood crafts are typically impressive.

aline C. said...

pity that you stop using all these beautiful buttons,
I just discovered your blog.
good luck

julochka said...

i am truly in awe of your button stash. kinda stunned, actually. and think that i'm clearly not stashing on a proper level at all...but thus far, i have restrained. it's not easy tho'....


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