Friday, February 11, 2011

Onward and Upward

After a less-than-stellar day yesterday, I woke up this morning ready to start anew.  Cancelled trips, sick kids, and broken machinery pushed me into mope-ville and exhausted me to the point that I slept like a rock.  I awoke with the feeling that today would be better and I think because that's my attitude going into it, it will be better.

I was able to get a few pieces done yesterday that I'll be listing in the shop sometime today or tomorrow.  I also have a new series in the works.  It's an idea that has been on paper for about 2 years that I'm just now bringing into reality and I'm excited.  Photos soon.  Soonish.  Promise.

I've loved reading the thoughts on inspiration in response to the work by Rikkianne of You Sentimental Idiot.  If you haven't, please stop over and share your story of inspiration.  You could win two of her amazing prints inspired by the photo of my daughter, and in a time when the issue of "copying" has been all too front and center in our community, opening the conversation about true inspiration is a good thing. 

This little guy made me smile this morning.  My friend Karen made him and he's part of a giveaway she's having over on her blog.  Stop on over and have a look.  (she also has a muffin recipe up today that looks really yummy)

My own button de-stash continues.  After putting together a collection of buttons for a teacher to use with her students it occurred to me that perhaps my son's teacher would like some buttons.  I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner!  There will be a few more sets of buttons and several more unsearched pound bags in my de-stash shop but the rest will be headed off to school and that makes me very happy.

Speaking of buttons, Megan over at The Crafty CPA purchased a pound bag of unsearched buttons from me and found some lovelies.  Go check it out on her lovely blog.

Enjoy your weekend, everybody.


Marilyn said...

your fingers have magic in them....did you know that?
I saw the vessel on Flickr and got actually do the things I dream I could do, when I find bits and bobs outside on the ground. Magic fingers I tell you!!
magic :}

Anonymous said...

the landscape brooch takes my breath away. Sorry yesterday was a crappy kind of day. I wish you that today is a much better one, and that sick one is on the mend. oxoxo said...

You do have magic fingers, that's for sure. I LOVE these new pieces - the pendant is wonderful and I still say your brooch scenes are exactly like your paintings.

:: Mopey II ::

Amanda Pedro said...

Love the new pieces!
And I love the one you added with my winning button stash. received it today and shared the digging with my friend and daughter. The daughter took all the shiny ones for her new purse. The son will have to dig through the leftovers!
thanks so much for your giveaway and the extra little.

PumpkinGirl said...

Oh, no! I hope you didn't have to cancel that trip you were looking forward to! I wish you a happy end of the week, nonetheless.

Megan said...

are you really getting rid of ALL your buttons? It's hard to think of you without buttons.

Tara said...

I love how you have been combining wool and wood lately. Having just bought a new coat, those brooches of your are awfully tempting.


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