Friday, February 18, 2011

Recycling Is Beautiful

I just had to show you a couple of lovely pieces made by sarahracha today.  My fellow EcoEtsy teammate had purchased one of my 1 pound vintage button grab bags and used her findings to put together not one but two beautiful necklaces so far.  I love that she had no idea what was going to be in the bag but was able to find some inspiration inside.  Her pieces came out beautifully!

This one has a mix of plastic, bone, glass, and mother of pearl buttons all crocheted together.

This fun green and blue number is reversible.  Clever!

She also makes other fabulous eco-friendly pieces like these recycled plastic bag baskets, cork trivets, and more.

I still have gobs of vintage buttons left so if you'd like a grab bag of your own, take a look in my lilfishextras shop.

I'm going to be taking this weekend off.  I'm getting a little frazzled around the edges and want to take a little time to sit down, read some blogs, reply to emails and comments, and regroup.

Have a fantastic, creative, relaxing weekend too, everyone.


lynn bowes said...

Off to look - cool blue necklace but that basket is beyond cool! I would love to learn how to weave baskets . . . maybe something with a button rim?


Marilyn said...

brilliant ideas...all of them. Must be so nice for you to see your stash made into something so lovely!

Anonymous said...

she makes really beautiful pieces ! Amazing necklaces !
I hope you can get some needed & deserved rest & peace of mind soon. We need to stop & breath from time to time.
thinking about you. Hoping everyone is back to healthy.
xoxoxo much love

Sally said...

I am stunned! Thank you so much for the kind mention of my work. I am overwhelmed by the flattering comments. Anyone on the fence about picking up one of these button grab bags, it is the best deal around and every single button is full of character. There are so many ideas bouncing around in my head...silverework, I love your idea of buttons around the rim of a basket!
Have a nice warm relaxing weekend

ZenCrafter said...

Beauty from your button stash! I am so bowled over the limitless, infinitely beautiful forms that buttons can take on in so many different hands. Bravo!

I am feeling frazzled, too. The latest--child #2's science fair project--has just nudged me over the edge.

Have a restorative weekend!

Scrapiana said...

Really beautiful, poised work. I love the mix in the plastic/bone/MOP version; the way they are laced, somehow they all look like beach-found objects. Stunning. I couldn't believe the basket wasn't made entirely of natural materials either. What alchemy! Thanks for introducing us to Sarah's work, Lisa. I will take a look at her shop now...

Martina Oehlinger said...

I love the basket. It is something I will do when I retire :)- such a beautiful craft.

Tara said...

Beautiful necklaces. Have a wonderful weekend relaxing and regrouping.

dziurka said...


Lisa-Marie said...

These are properly beautiful! The greeny bluey one in particular is droolworthy!


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