Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday's Mudpuddles

After a rainy weekend the sun has emerged, making a fine start to Monday.  The rain provided plenty of puddles to jump in which made the kids happy.  You can see that my daughter is extra prepared and wearing her life jacket.  (she dresses herself, it's not my fault)  So far we've kept the flooding at bay in the basement which makes me happy. (giant piles of wool and buttons and whatnot are NOT fun to move around when wet) 

Three new auctions are up on our EcoEtsy Team blog this morning with more fabulous eco-friendly goodies.  The proceeds from the auction this year are going to Habitat For Humanity's work in Japan.  So let's recap...great handmade goodies that are easy on the environment AND they benefit charity?  Perfect!  Please check them out if you get a chance. 

I made a special wearable vessel out of Osage Orange wood and it's in the following auction:

and don't forget these beauties:

Today will find me climbing Mount Washmore and engaging in other fun household duties, taking some photos of a few wearable vessels and (hopefully) putting them in my Etsy shop, then I'm hoping for some time at the saw.  I found something spectacular this weekend...but I can't share quite yet.

I hope your Monday is off to a good start.


Kar said...

I do hope that the spring thaw doesn't give you too much trouble other than being messy outside. Your daughter is just too cute. You can never be too careful with those monster puddles. :)

Tumus said...

We had a big kite festival this weekend that was just sopping with mud. We probably could have used some life jackets :)

Marchi Wierson said...

lovely lisa, the puddle jumping looks fun. of course we are experts here at puddle sports in portland, oregon. :) best wishes!!

Scrapiana said...

Glad to see Little Girl is ready for anything! You can't be too careful. ;)

Tara said...

From rain comes mudpuddles into which jump happy children. Love the lifejacket. Way to leave us hanging about the spectacular find. i guess I'll just have to wait.


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