Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Randomness

It started about two weeks ago, the kids got a nasty cold one by one, as they often do.  I could feel my energy draining, my batteries wearing out, during that time and then this weekend I got hit with it too.  My creative juices haven't been flowing and I think it's partly because of being sick and partly because of the cold yucky weather.  I can deal with a sore throat but when my creativity takes a break I begin to feel a little lost.  Do you feel that way?

Today I've pulled a sweater from one of my bins and am determined to sit down and make something of it today.  I don't even know what yet, but I'm hoping this exercise will give me a little jolt in the creative arena.

The incubator is in my office right now, warming up some potential babies.  I'll be candling these in a few days and hope to see some viable embryos in there.

We had to start doing something with all the eggs because after all, nobody can eat 50 eggs

I started cutting and transplanting some of my succulents yesterday.  I am overrun and think I'll put out a little stand at the end of my driveway when it warms up. 

I'm enjoying seeing some of the lovelies that are being made with buttons that I destashed.  I'm so glad they're being used and enjoyed and in such spectacular ways.  Stop by these links and have a look:

Motherculture created these adorable longies with little bunny feet.

Happy Tuesday, everyone.


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

hello my friend,
I'm very sorry to read that the winter & spring germs have been fighting in your household :( I agree that when the weather keeps on being nasty, it does affect your creativity. And in your area, it's particularly tough. I wish I could invite you to come over for a week or two, but we're oh so far away from each other !!!
I hope your snow will melt away very soon, that spring will finally spring happily, brightly & warmly, and that your creative flows will be back very soon too.
I have one news for you. I have made the plunge & have started switching things from one place to the other. I just blogged about it. I hope it will be one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Love you tons, sweet girl. Now you take care & treat yourself with something nice today. Anything you may think of. Because you give a lot of yourself, and you need to take care of YOU too.

Brittan said...

i hope you feel better soon! i feel the same way when my creative energy is low or in between projects. i am an obsessive multi tasker, especially with my work. so when i don't have something i am working on at all and have to start it is hard! can't wait to see what you do with the sweater and i hope you take pictures of the egg candling! i want to get chickens so badly, maybe soon!

Unknown said...

I sympathize with the creativity lapse, Lisa. I think all artists ride that rollercoaster. Have faith, you know you will be bursting with ideas again soon! Best wishes for warmer weather soon, sus

Tumus said...

Aww shucks! I'd take those eggs off your hands gladly! I'm always short eggs it seems. Especially when I get requests to bake for any holiday.
Hope you get well soon though it's no fun being sick and in the creative dumps :(

Anonymous said...

Eggs, yes, I remember when our duckies were in full swing, we couldn't give them away. The dogs ate many an egg for a while. Sweet succulents, chubby and full of moisture. xox Corrine

Lisa said...

I hear you as I too just came off of a 2 week cold that my daughter also suffered through.
I had to laugh because as I was reading I was thinging hmmm I wonder how many Cool hand Luke ate?

joanie said...

I'm not surprised you succumbed to the germs, you do so much!!! Just give into a little creative break and listen to your body and mind. Try and steal a little time to yourself for visiting a museum, antique shops or a gallery. Sometimes creativity comes back just by a change of scenery and looking at interesting things. If I lived down the road I'd happily babysit for you. I will wish some sun your way. Jx

Margie Oomen said...

winter and its nasty viruses just wont let go this year.
You are not alone sweet friend.


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