Friday, August 26, 2011

the beginning of mushroom season

I'm winding down the week with some images from one of my walks in the woods.  Some of you may already know that I'm mushroom-obsessed, for those that didn't know, I apologize in advance for the countless mushroom photos you'll be seeing in the next few months...

Here are a few of the more interesting ones I saw.  You get to see them without getting your pant legs wet and without mosquitos in your ear canal, you lucky souls.

This pale yellow mushroom is a kind of blue-staining bolete.  When cut open, the flesh turns blue.

My helper will demonstrate.  By stomping on top of the mushroom while I'm trying to photograph it. (because in universal dog language, someone on their hands and knees in the woods taking a photo means "PLAY WITH ME!!" and is cause for much jumping and tail-wagging.)

Here's where you get further proof that I need to get out more.  I see a love triangle in this little scene below, do you?

I hope you all enjoy some weird and wonderful things this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I love mushrooms, too and while I will be going out and getting my own pants legs wet and mosquitos in my ears I truly appreciate your efforts this week to bring us these lovely images. The blue one, well, wow! I think I'm in love. Your traveling companion in all of this is gorgeous just don't tell my 3 I said that.

prpltrtl946 said...

I saw a toad in that 3rd photo!! But, I am delusional so it's OK. As usual, your photos are beautiful!! I love the love triangle!! 8*)
Very sweet looking pup you have there! Does the puppy have a name yet?
As for the weekend I am in NH, so I am in for an interesting weekend of storming and thanks to your inspiration, and a certain purple turtle, I am getting ready to dremel stuff!!! 8*)

Also, Lisa, I used to work in stained glass so I have a glass grinder with a bunch of attachments. (sizes of the drill bits) It uses a water well to keep the grinding surface wet. Might be worth investing in if you want to grind stuff that needs water... I might be trying that out too...someday soon. 8*)

Sorry I got so talkative!
Melissa 8*)

Jodi said...

Great pics! New mushrooms for me - never saw some of those before. I wish I knew which ones are edible because I love to eat them, too! Cute little mushroom lovers, and they're not prejudiced, either!

Tiffany said...

There was much Awww-ing when I saw the love triangle photo. They are beautiful!

I've become more interested in mushrooms because of your posts, keep them coming I am learning heaps!

eidolons said...

So. I have this pot of parsley to feed the caterpillars (we're crazy, okay?) and we noticed some fairly bright yellow-green mushrooms in it one day. As you know (I have no doubt) parsley can be used to dye things a yellow-green color. I suspect that anywhere else, these mushrooms would have been the normal white - it was so very neat to see nature dyeing itself in my yard. What with the natural dye *and* the mushrooms, it made me think of you. (:

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

girlunwinding - so nice to meet another wet-legged, mosquito-eared mushroom lover. Have fun on your expedition.

Sally - so either we BOTH need to get out more or we just have creative senses of humor. :D

my turtle friend - the pup is Charlie and he's turned out to be a great walking companion. Thanks for the info on the grinder cup, that's a good idea. Have a great weekend.

Jodi - I love the edibles and will be showing a few that I eat, soon. My favorites are chanterelles, black trumpets, lobsters, chicken of the woods...I could go on and on.

Tiffany - Thanks! I love that you're getting interested in mushrooms!

eidolons - I happen to like that kind of crazy. :D And I have dyed using parsley, it made a lovely chartreuse color for me. The green mushrooms might be parrot waxy caps or parrot you have a pic? I'd love to see! There's a teal-staining fungus that dyes wood green. I love that.

Karen Larko said...

The love triangle is quite cute. Charlie has really grown and I can't believe how much he looks like my dog Jack.

k said...

what?! you like mushrooms? i never would have guessed. ;p but seriously, you know i'm right there beside you, and i am totally enjoying your 'shroom pics. after our seriously wet summer we are now having a dry spell, but i may need to start skulking through the woods in search of fungi anyway. and i love your little love triangle!

julochka said...

i walked around the garden late this afternoon and found, in a 3-food space, no less than 7 different mushrooms/fungi - and tho' none were edible (to my knowledge), it still makes me unspeakably happy.

Anonymous said...

Love triangle indeed! I love seeing that through your eyes. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

too too dry for such fungi wonderland over here, so a huuuuuge thanks for providing me all these amazing ones, I couldn't say which one I prefer, they're all so special, and so are your photos. The love triangle is totally here and that blue fungus is quite out of this world !!
have a wonderful weekend sweet friend

Unknown said...

I adore your two fungi 'Lovers; precious!!!
Oh such pretty shrooms you find!
Cheers , Helen

PS your shop update looks beautiful too :)

Margie Oomen said...

i have had so little time for the forest this month that I am really really feel home sick now.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Karen - Charlie is growing like a weed and I think he's finally getting out of that obnoxious teenage stage. He's a wonderful walking companion when he's not leaping and eating the frogs that cross his path.

k - I know, shocker! It's been so hot here that I hustle out to the woods after any rain so I can catch a glimpse at the mushrooms before they get shrively.

julie - 7 kinds! That's awesome.

curlygirl - I'm glad you liked it. I worry that people will think/know that I'm a little bonkers when I anthropomorphise the mushrooms.

Sonia - thanks sweet girl! The blue is really something, it happens so quickly and it's such a lovely color. I love finding those.

Helen - thanks so much! :D

Margie - I hope you find a little time to reconnect with your forest friends. I'm sure they miss you too.

Tara said...

Love the mushroom photos, Lisa. The blue-turning mushroom is pretty cool.


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