Friday, August 19, 2011

vacation conversations

We're back from vacation and we had an amazing time.  We spent time with family and friends laughing and talking and enjoying each other's company.

We had conversations with fish...

and frogs...

and flowers...

and firemen...

and full moons, harvest moons at that.

Treasures were brought home in the form of spore prints

and edible weeds to be planted in the driveway

and dyestuffs.

And memories.  Lots of memories.

Now that we're home, life is back in full-swing.  Mount Washmore is being summited, dyestuffs are in the dye pots, kids are preparing for school, and we're in harvest mode gathering mushrooms and canning vegetables.  It's amazing how quickly real life resumes, isn't it?

While I was gone my work was featured on Craft and on Craft Gossip, which was really exciting.  I have some fun new things to share with you soon that I'm also excited about.  I hope you'll stay tuned.

Until then, have a great weekend everyone.


Unknown said...

congratulations Lisa.. 2 fabulous articles! That's great!
It looks like you all had a wonderful nature packed vacation..lovely..

your little people are just sooo precious!
looking forward to seeing what exciting news you have under wraps !

Terriea Kwong said...

Congrats Lisa. No wonder for the features. Your works are unique. The brooch is gorgeous. Love to see you all have a definitely marvelous vacation. A very educational and quality nature holiday.

NanaBeast said...

Mt. Washmore! Love it! You have a way with words, my friend. Welcome Home.

k said...

You have a good weekend too Lisa. I will have to pop over and read the articles - congrats! Glad you had a good vacation but look forward to see what you are up to as 'real life' resumes.

Scrapiana said...

Mount Washmore! Very clever. Glad you're back, safe and well.

D. Jean Quarles said...

Looks like a great time. Boy that was quite a fish.

joanie said...

Awww, I love big bro showing little sis froggie. And the fantastic fish shot too. What a perfect summer break. Glad you had such a wonderful time and yay for Craft and Craft Gossip.

Margie Oomen said...

wonderful holiday images
they really tell so much more than words


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