Monday, August 08, 2011

Living Sustainedly!

"...we will elaborate on our ideas of a sustained life – the ”sustainable” world taken further, turning it into something unconditioned and leaving behind the presumption that it might not work out. The issue at stake is not about pessimism or optimism, it is not about expecting the bad or the good, it is not about fearsome or wishful thinking: it is finally about living intransigently in harmony with nature."

The quote above comes from a couple that I find really inspiring.  My cousin Cheryl, along with her husband and adorable daughter live in Ópusztaszer, Hungary.  They are dedicated to living a sustainable lifestyle, and I mean really sustainable.  While using a resusable cup for a daily Starbucks trip or bringing your own bag to the grocery store are commendable efforts, this is not the kind of sustainability they seek.  They want true change and are affecting true change in the way they live their lives.

As someone who is trying every day to live more sustainably, reading about living a zero-waste life is both incredibly inspiring and also a little intimidating.  Adopting more of these principals would likely be easier with some sage advice from those that have done it, and Cheryl and Roland are hoping to offer this by writing a book based on their experiences.

"...topics will range from ”edible” clothing, zero waste households and businesses, minimum to no soil disturbance gardening, local food production, communal sharing of goods and services (such as skills and knowledge), creating new traditions that fit the locale and the participants’ needs, connecting family education with schooling of our children, rethinking and remaking their toys to foster wonder and creativity."

If you're interested in sustainability and want to support people who are, please visit Cheryl, Roland, and little Csermely's Indiegogo "Live Sustainedly!" campaign to read more about their goals, and help support them if you can.

If you're interested in fiber, please stop by Cheryl's Etsy shop, Fibrillaria, and have a look at the yummy Racka wool. 

They are also working to purchase a neighboring farm with the intent to open a sustainable bed and breakfast.  You can learn more on their blog.

Thanks, everybody for reading this.
Any help you can offer, even spreading the word, will help this couple create a better world for us all. 


Tumus said...

Living sustainably feels so out of the normal for 90% of the population. I think it faces a stigma of being an earth loving hippie cut off from civilization, which most who read this blog know isn't true at all.

I'll always feel that living a completely sustainable life as a constant work in progress. I'm not sure if it's entirely doable living in The 'Burbs, but it's not impossible. It's also more of a challenge to prove to a spouse that what you're doing is worth while and that living sustainably doesn't mean sacrificing all common comforts. While I can't do extreme things to my property (or in some cases afford to do) I will never believe that any effort no matter how tiny is not worth it. Change comes to the world in small but persistent moves. Change happens when those moves become habits.

Keep us posted when their book is published as I'd be interested in reading it :)

Unknown said...

ohh merci pour ce partage, j'admire vraiment ce style de vie, et bientôt, nous serons obliger de faire à leur manière car nous n'aurons plus le choix, merci de nous montrer que c'est possible, bises

joanie said...

What a beautiful family and philosophy. It's fantastic that they're writing a book to share their experiences with the rest of us. In addition to the book, I hope the B&B works out - Hungary is a hop, skip & jump from us.
Very best wishes to them. Jx

Unknown said...

wow.. as you say.. seriously inspiring and a little intimidating'
It's so exciting what people can achieve when they seriously make up their mind to live that way..and are supportive together in their efforts.
Their story encourages me to reach a little further ..
Gee their little one is ridiculously gorgeous!!
PS.. it might behoove thee to check out my blog today :)

Mona said...

Yes! The world definitely needs a lot of people like this!

Terriea Kwong said...

We do need the promotion of sustainability. Living like Cheryl is what my wish. If I don't work and have more time I must hire the vacation house in Cheryl's and do the farming and follow their ways of living.


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