Friday, December 16, 2011

almost done with the dress

I'm almost done stitching up Nini's pattern for my daughter's holiday dress.  I'll be finishing it up today and I'm slightly amazed that I've managed to do it before Christmas Eve.  I'm feeling a little proud of myself, yes I am.

I still have several other projects to finish though, so I'm not getting too full of myself yet.
How about you?  Have you finished your holiday to-do list or are you a last-minute person too?
I used to laugh at my Grandma for wrapping presents on Christmas morning, but you know what?  I totally get it now.  Sorry, Gram.

I'll have some photos of the finished dress here tomorrow.  Right now I'd better get to work.
Have a good Friday everyone!


mireya said...

Unforunatly, I've only finished one hand-made gift so far. I've only been able to devote this week to making things because earlyer I was swamped with exams.but I hope I'll be able to finish every thing before christmas eve.

cathy@home said...

This year I am more so a last minute person. Christmas might be a bit late this year (only joking kids)
Today we had the builders in chaos

prpltrtl946 said...

I finished a relief wood carved lighthouse for a frIend, I finished 4 out of 12 mittens from "super-cute felt" by Laura Howard. I am finishing another scene in wood tonight and tomorrow, then back to more ornaments from my books! Pics on Facebook if you want to take a peek... 8*)

Good luck with your projects!

Oh, I almost forgot!! The second acorn arrived today!! Thank you!! I feel so lucky! And the recipient is going to go wild over it! 8*)

joanie said...

Awe, so sweet to see the birdies stitched by you! Can't wait to see how you work them into E's dress.
I got a couple if necklaces made from bead stash today for nieces, also played with clay. The house is a tip and the kids are up way past their bedtime and I don't care because I'm tucked away trying to make a gift for my sweet mother-in-law. Happy weekend to you.

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

Simply lovely!


Mousy Brown said...

I just finished my last pair of Christmas PJ's and with that everything I NEEDED to make has somehow managed to happen despite accidents, illnessess and all the other excitements of life...I have of course still got things I would like to make but they are a bonus and so no stress is felt....that is until I realise I forgot someone! :D


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