Thursday, December 22, 2011

sleepy babies and nature blocks

I'm still plugging away at the last few projects on my list.  A small set of nature blocks is nearly completed, just a few more to paint and coat with beeswax.

And a sleepy baby doll is awaiting a few finishing touches before she gets her wool and lavender stuffing.

Tomorrow I'll be baking baking baking and I also promised my little boys that they could do some painting so I'll probably be doing some cleaning cleaning cleaning too.

It's been a big help to me that my daughter is still at the age that she doesn't pay much attention when momma's sewing something, as I've been able to work on her gifts right in front of her.  Next year will be a bit trickier.

Maybe next year I won't let the holidays sneak up on me like this.  Yeah, who am I kidding?  I always think I have a good start on my projects by mid-year and then right before Christmas I'm scrambling to finish things or to start new projects that suddenly seem like great ideas.  Silly.

I hope you're all doing well and getting some well-deserved peace.


Tumus said...

Seriously though it wouldn't feel much like Christmas without a few last minute projects. We're about to embark on a Fudge Apocalypse today and tomorrow, sticky, sticky, yummy.

Lora said...

Such beautiful gifts for your children! I love your daughter's dress, the doll bed, the linens, the doll, the blocks! Will you adopt me???

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the entire set of blocks. You inspire me so much.
My mother was creative like you when I was small. She could make the most remarkable "playhouses" for me and my sister. A board between two trees was a kitchen cupboard. bricks and stones make stoves and ovens. A imaginative and creative mother is one of the best gifts children can receive.

Marilyn said...

it wouldn't feel right if we cruised into christmas all done and prepared...busy is part of the fun and last minute panics keep the ticker going!!! lucky kids up there in the big and attention is the first thing on the list...fabulous.

Erin said...

Gosh.. I just wanted to say that you are amazing!! You never stop creating beautiful things! :)

Anonymous said...

these blocks are out of this world, lady !!!
I am a grown up & I want to play with them right now ! She's going to loooooove them !

Kelly Casanova said...

Love, love love the nature blocks!
I'm always scrambling to finish things at Christmas, birthdays and Easter.

This is My Life said...

Loving the blocks. You just keep on amazing me. I can't find the time to read a book these days let alone create.

CandieLou said...

The nature blocks are a very cute idea! I have a few things to finish as well. I really shouldn't be sitting here but I just had to have a few moments to myself!
I always love reading your blog!


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