Monday, January 23, 2012

focusing the muse

I mentioned in my last post that my muse is feeling a little unfocused.  She's still feeling creative, just not in the way I'd like her to be.  Not knowing exactly how to focus this side of me, I decided to revisit a project I had done in the past, the "mother nature's palette" brooch you see here.  I thought maybe if I could work on a familiar project it might make the transition from bagels to brooches a little easier.

I sewed up one, reflected a while, then made another.  It seems to have worked a little bit as there are the beginnings of a toadstool and a piece of cedar on my table today, signs of creativity returning...

I've put the two brooches in my shop this morning, along with the last two acorn ornaments I'll be making until I can gather more of the right caps this fall.

Speaking of caps, these teeny tiny acorn caps on the brooch just kill me.  I find them on the French Rapids trail by the Mississippi river and make a trip there every fall just to gather them.  The entire acorn, minus the stem, is only as big as my pinky fingernail.  So cute!

Hope your week is off to a good start, everybody.


Tara said...

They are beautiful, Lisa. Love the little acorns. Your muse is definitely finding her focus.

4camie said...

How precious, love it. Sometimes if we try too hard the muse hides for a reason, seems you have coaxed her out a bit.

julochka said...

oh, our ancient old oak tree produces those, but how do you keep them together? mine always come apart.

i'm glad your muse is focusing again. perhaps it means with an few days time zone delay, mine might as well! :-) tho' tomorrow, i'll be making cupcakes for a certain person's 11th birthday.


Stephane in Alaska said...

Oh, my goodness ~ I can't believe I was able to purchase an acorn ornament AND a brooch!!! I've been feeling a little low and these will make me smile each and every time I look at them. Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart.

keepingitindie said...

WOW - this is really beautiful! Such a soft and elegant look.

Julie Clay Illustration said...

These are so sweet, I love these small things that you make, and using the natural objects is just perfect, if this is you struggling to be creative, well...what can I say, keep up the wonderful work.

Kimara said...

I absolutely love your work. I've yet to see anything you've created that I didn't want in my house :) I'm linking to you on's Facebook page. Thanks for the beauty you share and the inspiration.


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