Sunday, April 15, 2012

tissue paper flock

It's a rainy Sunday morning. 

My niece and nephew are here, bringing the "child aged 7 and under" count to 5.  I figured a little art project was in order to keep them entertained for a while and out of the mud lakes puddles outside.  I had seen these little tissue paper suncatchers on Pinterest and thought they'd be a great way to bring a little color to the day.

My niece is a natural artist, and the bird house, flower, and little sack of bird seed were her ideas.  So clever!

I think this little flock will have to stay for a while.

Our forecast calls for 2-4" of snow tonight so I'm going to need all the colorful flowers I can get.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone.


Creativity Comforts said...

A sweet craft for little ones. I am in Florida and would gladly let you have some of our warmth and sunshine today...just close your eyes and see the palm trees against the blue sky. I in turn would love to see some snow!

Cathy said...

This looks like a fun project. I think I'll let my students do this to add some spring decorations to our classroom. Thank you for the idea : )

softearthart said...

So cool, I will pass it on to my sister and young nieces. cheers Marie

Mona said...

Oh oh, so sweet. Wonderful idea :)

Julie Clay Illustration said...

These look stunning, such a talented bunch.A very clever idea. It will surely bring lots of cheer to your snowy conditions. It's rather chilly here too, back to winter temps?

Oltreverso said...

Wonderful! A very cleaver idea! I think l'll my Little Anna do. Thank you!

Unknown said...

delightful, lisa! hope the snow turns out to be a weatherman fiction. xxoo, sus

nini said...

I love the birds you made. They are so lovely.
And I don't think this is only for kids :)

Margie Oomen said...

love the flock
happy monday lisa
it is only snow
it will melt:)

Michaelanne said...

Wow...SO pretty! I would have to leave that flock of birds around for the summer:) What a bummer the snow is!!! We are hitting 80 today...but a windy and stormy day is in store..high tomorrow..49! What a rollercoaster ride this year has been!

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Maryann - ahhhh I can almost feel it!

Julie - it's been chilly at night here, but hopefully mother nature is just getting this chill out of her system now so we can start spring in earnest.

Thank you so much, everyone!

Anonymous said...

we've got these too! we cut out a bunch of birds. so pretty in the morning light :)


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