Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goose is growing up

 My little pal Goose is growing up so fast.
It's hard to believe that only a month ago he was egg-sized.  
Just two weeks ago he was still small enough to sit on my husband's shoulder while they watched TV together.

He's lost most of his baby yellow and is starting to get the first real feathers on his wings.  They sort of look like angel wings against his downy body.

Having been raised in the house, Goose has no idea that he's a duck.  He sleeps at our feet, begs for attention when we walk by, and yes, sits on our shoulders when we're on the couch.  Why would he think he's a duck?

We've been putting him outside with the other ducks during the day lately, but so far he's not interested in hanging out with them.  Our large female is very interested in him however and follows him around, trying to eat by him and be his friend.  The other ducks dutifully follow her around while she follows Goose around.

 I was concerned that the male ducks would be aggressive towards him, but that hasn't been the case at all.  I do find it interesting that even the females had no interest whatsoever in him when he was small, but now... now is a different matter. 

(sometimes they're interested in wool soaking too) 
I'm taking it a little personally, thinking sure, now that all the raising and diaper-changing (I kid, he didn't really wear diapers.  Tho I wish he would have at times) is done, now they want him.

Goose will eventually be part of the flock, I know he will.  They're a happy group of ducks and he'll fit right in.  The transition will be slow, and maybe a little sad for both of us, but it's for the best.  We all must leave the nest at some point.


lynn bowes said...

He's playing hard to get- it makes him all the more desirable. And that 'hey girl' come hither look will come in handy later unless the women are distracted by more soaking wool.

Brittan said...

i truly love hearing all about goose! he is so cute!
i have always wanted a duck and i love that he sleeps on your shoulder! i have a little parrot who likes to hang out on my shoulder, she is always my little buddy!
i already can't wait to see more photos of goose as he grows!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

what a touching post, my friend, you've made me all teary eyed ... Your duckies are so lucky to have you, and of course so is Goose. (the photo of G on J's shoulder simply kills me, thanks for sharing it !)

julochka said...

i can't believe how much he's grown! i bet you can't keep him in that plastic box anymore!

Jacqui Wise said...

How cute! I love the picture of Goose on your husband's shoulder. Reminds me of a pet rabbit we used to have who would sit on our shoulders when she was small.

joanie said...

My friend Fi has been rearing a chick who lost his mum and siblings to a fox. He sits on her shoulder while watching TV and was sleeping in their bedroom at night. She's just bought three more chicks to try and teach it to be a chicken. I will stop telling her she's a crazy chicken lady now and I'll show her this post, she will love it ;)
I can't believe the size of goose now, he's becoming a fine young man!

HollyM said...

We once raised a baby robin which also loved to snuggle into the crook of the neck . It thought we were the parents too and we had to eventually kick him out of the nest once he could feed himself. It was very strange at the end. He would spend the day in the trees and we could recognize his call. He would come when we called him and stay in his cage inside for the night.
It is when we have such a relationship that we see how much personality wild creatures can have.


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