Saturday, July 07, 2012

villagers and evil queens

More rainy weather yesterday demanded a project for a couple of wall-climbing kids.  I had been saving some clothespins and stands and thought now was a good time to pull them out.  I haven't made much time to create with the kids, with everything going on around here lately, so we were due for some fun time.

I pulled out some matted pieces of wool roving, some hemp cord, scissors, and glue and let the kids go.  They jumped right in, wrapping wool and cord and drawing little faces.  I was surprised at how excited they were about the project.

Some wore wool and some wore nothing but a smile (fitting, with how often my kids are running around nekkid).


Some had hair and fancy hats.

I suggested that they make up a story about their dolls and they launched into a tale about an evil queen (the one with the spiky hair, the one with the brown hair is me) and the villagers who were growing vegetables.  The queen was keeping them from tending their gardens and I couldn't help but mutter a little "hey, mother nature they're talkin' about you."

It was time well-spent for all of us, and the sun is up today so perhaps the villagers will get to tend their garden after all.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.


KrisKeese said...

Loved this story. Living in New England I understand how hard it is to have bad weather in the summer. We are about to have a wonderful week weather-wise. Hope the same for you. I love your blog and all that you do with kids, chickens and wool.

joanie said...

Too cute! I don't think we have fancy things like peg holders over here, how handy. Now that the sun is coming out those villagers need to get outside and build themselves some shelter - especially the ones wearing "nothing but a smile" !
Super fun.
PS, thanks for the email, lovely to catch up.


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