Sunday, July 22, 2012

needle-felted sheep kit in the shop!

A few weeks ago I made my first sheep and mentioned that I was putting together a needle-felting kit.  I'm happy to say that I've done it and was able to share it for the first time yesterday at Celtic Fest at St. Mathias Farm. (what a wonderful time, by the way.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi)

There are two color options, one in all white with teeny Targhee locks for a coat, and a black sheep with a white coat.

I wanted to make this kit with materials that made me feel good.  It took some time to put together.  I chose wool from small producers, often local, in breeds that needle-felt easily (not all breeds are created equally in this regard).  Where color was needed, I used environmentally-conscious dyes free from heavy-metals and hand-dyed it myself.  The packaging and even the felting mat is made of eco-friendly materials.  The mat is made of natural material, including soy grown by US farmers.

The kit has 11 pages of illustrated instructions, written and photographed by me.  It comes with the wire for the armature, 2 sets of glass bead eyes, the wool, and 3 sizes of needles.

A few people have tried the kit and I love how each little sheep has its own personality.

If you'd like to try a kit of your own, or know someone who would, please stop over and have a look in my shop.

Thank you!
Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.


lynn bowes said...

Maybe I should take up a new craft?

Laura said...

Your sheep are amazing! The kit looks great, how long do you think you'll be stocking them for?

Grey Catsidhe said...

Oh sweet! I'm definitely adding this to my wishlist!

Stephane in Alaska said...

Ooh! I really want one but I'm really broke right now. I hope you stock thse for awhile . . .

joanie said...

These little creatures look so well thought out and put together - what a fantastic job you've done! They are gorgeous. I'm thinking they'll fly out of your shop, how could they not with sweet faces like theirs.


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